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I do not know why I have not made myself known on this board but I have been posting on the May 2012 board since we found out we were pregnant, over eight months ago. Until this past week I did not know this board existed (or rather, I forgot that it did) and then I thought it would be too late for me to start posting on it. Our due date is this Friday May 4th.

We have been planning a natural homebirth waterbirth from day one. My husband and I have always felt that birth is a natural process, that is best done in the comfort of our own home and we are super excited to be moving right along with our plan. We have the room all set up for our birth including the tub and are now in the waiting stage. We have a midwife that we are pleased to work with and a doula.

I have noticed that there are "birth lodges" on this board. What is a birth lodge and how does it work?

Anyway, I am glad to see this board here and I look forward to reading about others' experiences in natural birth. Smile

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You are really close, congrats & welcome! I can start a lodge for you and you can then give an introduction for yourself and just chat about how things are going as you build up to your labor.


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Yes, lodges are a place to hang out and vent/share/record your last weeks waiting for baby. Generally they are started for you by another member (as Cindy has done now) at 36 weeks, but that's just to make sure that we "catch" the's not too late! Lodges stay open until the baby is one month old, at which point they are archived. It's great to have the support of other NCB ladies at the time, and also to have to refer to later for memories when everything has become a blur Smile


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Thank you ladies! I will have to get on top of the lodge thing. I entered a bit late but appreciate the warm welcome. Smile

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Welcome! Tell us about yourself! When and where you met DH, how long you have been together, significant events recently...

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Thank you ladies. Since I have a birth lodge all of that info is on there! Smile I am excited to be a part of the board.