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New here :)

Hi ladies! I am new here and joining your board. I am pregnant with baby number 3. I am hoping for an at home water birth this time. It is all up to my midwife. I had an early ultrasound due to some bleeding and they claimed I was a week ahead of where I should be, although it is impossible since dh and I didn't DTD the 14 days surrounding that date. If she chooses to listen to the ultrasound, she won't be able to attend my birth as she is not taking patients due before Aug 29 (she had agreed to take me with the due date of Aug 28 since it was only 24 hours). If I don't get my home birth, I am going to be having an all natural birth at a hospital that pushes drugs and interventions (YUCK), since due to my previous history my dh won't agree to an unassited homebirth. So, long story short, do you mind if I join you?

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Please do join us! I hope you are able to get the homebirth you want!

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Welcome! I hope everything works out for your homebirth!

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Of course, welcome!

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Welcome and congrats on your pregnancy.


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Welcome! I hope that things work out so that you can have your homebirth!

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Hope you get in with your MW & get to birth at home.

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Shanna! Hi!! Smile

If you DON'T end up getting your homebirth, and want some pointers on how to deal with a crazy hospital, the one where I am is the same and I help lots of mommas through it. You know where to find me! Smile

(and congrats again!)

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welcome and congrats! hope you get your homebirth, but if not, I highly recommend a doula for the hospital...and laboring at home as long as possible. I was able to have a natural hospital birth with my first by doing those things (not sure if you already did these things with your previous kids, but just thought i would throw that out there ;-))

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Welcome. I'm sorry about the wierd ultrasound. I hope all ends up working out.