New lodge list!!!!

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New lodge list!!!!

Since we currently don't have anyone to edit the sticky I am starting a new thread with all the lodge information if that is okay with everyone. Smile

Name: (actual name and screen name)
How/where you plan to birth baby

January 2013
Name: Mariah ( Mrs. Furtado)
EDD: 1/7/13, Lodge 12/10/12
First baby Unassisted home water birth with DH




May 2012


Name: Maggie (acqualin21)
EDD: 7/2/12, Lodge 6/4/12
NCB friendly hospital w/midwife using hypnobabies

Name: Kyla (ftmom)
EDD: 7/18/12, Lodge 6/20/12
3rd hospital birth with OB

Name: Cynthia (MaybeGracie)
EDD: 8/15/12, Lodge 7/18/12
Home birth w/midwife

Name: Melissa (Sweet Pea Twins)
EDD: 8/16/12, Lodge 7/19/12
3rd Hospital birth with OB and doula

Name: Christa (momW)
EDD: 8/19/12, Lodge 7/22/12
Natural trying to decide hospital or home birth

Name: Kimia (meemers)
EDD: 8/22/12, Lodge 7/25/12
4th hospital birth with midwife

Name: Alison (azin_may)
EDD: 8/24/12, Lodge 7/27/12

Name: Sarah (sarahsunshine)
EDD: 8/25/12, Lodge 7/28/12
4th home birth w/midwife planned in hot tub

Name: Anne (abkinsey)
EDD: 9/1/12, Lodge 8/4/12
Home birth with a CPM

Name: Janae (mommy.nae)
EDD: 9/8/12, Lodge 8/11/12
Hospital birth w/ OB

Name Tina (Momof5sweeties)
EDD: 9/29/12, Lodge 9/1/12
Hoping for home birth but still unsure what will happen
[SIZE=2]Name: Amber (ambie719)
EDD: 10/1/12, Lodge 9/3/12
Natural VBAC in hospital

Name: Cindy (lifeisgood)
EDD: 10/8/12, Lodge 9/10/12
Home birth with midwife using hypnobabies

Name: Jackie (alwayssmile)
EDD: 11/14/12, Lodge 10/17/12
Hospital VBAC
Name: Shauna (AkMomma07)
EDD: 11/29/12, Lodge 11/1/12
Hospital birth w/ midwife and hypnobabies

Name: Stephanie (snuffy1680)
EDD: 11/30/12, Lodge 11/2/12
Natural hospital birth w/ midwife and doula


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My due date has been changed to 6/6/12, and I'm having a home birth... so you can make those amendments if you like! Smile

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MEeee! Smile I am due July 2, hypnobabies in a NCB-friendly hospital with a midwife. This will be my second NCB using Hypnobabies.

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I'd love a lodge! Due 9/29. Hoping for a homebirth, but unsure if I can work that out.

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Okay I think I got everyone. Let me know if something is wrong. Smile

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Okay, I think I'm ready to "come out" over here. Lol I'm Jackie. EDD is 11/14. I am planning a hospital VBAC.

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I would like to be added please. Due date Sept. 8th planning a hospital birth with OB

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Got you two added. Smile

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I'm due 6/16/12. This will be my 6th baby, 5th birth using hypnosis (Hypnobabies), and 1st hospital birth after four home births.

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Thanks for putting this together! Biggrin And thanks for adding me!

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I am due October 8th planning a homebirth with a midwife and will be using Hypnobabies.


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Oh, thank you so much Krista!!! I'm so glad someone got a new list going, it's so much easier to stalk where everyone is in their journey Smile

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No problem. Smile I had a little extra time with all 3 boys down for nap at the same time that I figured I would take advantage. Makes it so it's easier for others to start lodges so I am not doing it, Figured I could be done with being a Lodge hog. lol.

How do you like that I added the Lodge start dates? Good? Bad?

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Yay for the new list! I'm so glad that you put it together. I like that start dates you added as it's much easier to know when to get a lodge going.

Next I need pointers from you on getting 3 boys down for a nap at the same time. That is amazing to me! I only manage 2 at a time but mostly because the oldest is pretty much beyond naps.

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Joy- it doesn't happen often. One of them always seems to be up. I lay my older two down at the same time though and my oldest knows that nap time is quite time and almost always ends up falling asleep as well. Some days I just leave him up from nap since I can tell he isn't going to actually sleep. As for Lukus. Yeah we are still working on getting him on a napping schedule. The reflux and tummy issues threw those off bad and it is starting to affect his night sleeping. Beee Anyway, now that I have completely went off on a tangent, lol, I just get lucky every once in a while and they are all napping at the same time. Today was one of those days. Smile I actually got a bath in. Smile

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Oh should I ask for a Lodge here? Haha. I posted on the sticky, but I wasn't sure where to go! I'll add my info here.

EDD 6/21/12
Natural VBAC in hospital with OB

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I'd love a lodge here. I'm due May 17th with my 3rd boy. We are planning a home birth (our first) with a midwife.

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I guess it's time to ask to be added! Smile

EDD November 30th
natural hospital birth with midwife and doula

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is there a mod for this forum that can make this sticky??

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We have one mod but she never really comes around anymore. We need new mods for this board.

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Can I join also?

I'm due 11/29/12. I'm planning a hospital birth with a midwife and Hypnobabies. Smile

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I'm due Oct. 1, and hoping for an unmedicated hospital VBAC.

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