New name, but have been around before!

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New name, but have been around before!

Hi all! I've been trying to log into for months I finally just gave up and registered a new name. I used to be ~Serendipity~ and posted on July 2008 with my third child, Noah. I see a few familiar faces around here Smile Looking forward to jumping back into the Birthing Naturally board. I'm pg with #5 due 3/31. My 4th baby, Maggie was a homebirth transfer due to her being breech so I'm thankful the homebirth midwives around here do VBACs.

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Welcome back. I have July 08 baby too. Smile I actually remember you from the old board. Smile That's awesome you have a midwife that will do VBAC's! Looking forward to following this pregnancy of yours.

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Welcome back and congrats on #5!

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Hey, there! I also remember you from July 08 Smile

My #4 was born in May 2010 and I'm expecting #5 in June.