New predicament, but a good one this time!

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New predicament, but a good one this time!

I had my 1st appointment with my dr today and it went better than I could've imagined! He was on board with my VBA2C. It didn't necessarily surprise me that he was okay with it, but I didn't know he could do it without consulting the other dr's in his practice that I know won't be okay with it (he also told me that they probably wouldn't let me do it if I was their patient). But I guess as long as he is my primary dr, he gets to make the calls for my care. He agreed with almost everything I requested, no induction, I can go to 42 weeks. He did not agree to no IV or just a hep-lock. He said on the slim chance of rupture that the extra fluid could save my life.

Now, I have a m/w (that I really like) that has agreed to do a HBA2C and a dr (that I really like also) that will do my VBA2C. Now, I'm torn!

I'm kind of reasoning this out as I type, so if you actually read it all, bless you!

I really like the idea of having my baby at home. But since I do have 2 c-sections, I'm sure the m/w would be a little extra cautious and would probably transfer a little sooner than with a low-risk mama. But I do really like her and the fact that she had 2 c/s's and then had 2 VBA2C's after that puts me at ease. She's closer than I thought I would ever find a m/w.

But, I have had experience with this OB and to tell you the truth, he's more like a midwife than a typical OB. I would get to be in a wonderful hospital, very natural childbirth friendly. The nurses are great there too. And, heaven forbid if something goes wrong I will have immediate access to the necessary technology. He's agreeable to all the things I want to make it as intervention free as possible.

He did tell me also that if he had been my primary OB last time I tried to VBAC that he in no way would've ever induced me, especially with Cervidil. He also agreed that I didn't get a fair shot at a VBAC because of the induction and subsequent epidural (b/c pitocin ctx suck a$$) making me completely numb.

I think I'm leaning towards the OB, but I don't want to jump too fast and regret it. I wish I had a magic 8 ball with real answers. What do you girls think?

I got an u/s and baby looks like a little peanut with a heartbeat of 152!!!

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Do you know what happens if your OB isn't on call hen you go into labor? Is there a chance you'd have to deliver with one of his associates?

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That's so great! I'm such a worrier myself that I would probably go with the OB. But the midwife sounds great as well. Would that OB be willing to be your backup in case of a transfer?

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I would probably do dual care and plan a hb, but that way if you get transferred or risked out you have a relationship with the OB.

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That's a tough decision. It sounds like a good outcome either way.

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If my Ob isn't on call, his orders for no augmentation or induction stand for me. That is really the only problem I had last time with the other OB was that he induced early.

I can't have him as a back-up because CPM's are not legal in this state Sad So, it's basically a homebirth and lie to him about why I don't go in for the birth.

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"jooniper" wrote:

Do you know what happens if your OB isn't on call hen you go into labor? Is there a chance you'd have to deliver with one of his associates?

I was wondering the same thing. HBAC appeals to me so much b/c I feel like if I can be truly comfortable during labor, then it will progress more easily. With that being said, there are times (like you mentioned) where you almost have more flexibility with an OB, especially when they are more natural-minded. For instance, if I was with the MW they wouldn't let me go past 41 weeks, whereas with the OB he was willing to let me go to 42 and then start talking about other options.

I chose to stay with my OB here (until I get to WV where I will have my HBAC MW) just b/c I know that the MWs are risking their licenses by taking me on as a VBAC in this state... and I didn't want to put them in that situation especially since I had a good option with my OB. I would still plan to wait it out at home as long as possible just to make sure that you recieve as few interventions or suggestions for interventions as possible. And I would DEFINITELY find out what happens if he is not on call. In my situation, my OB was willing to come in anyways even if he isn't on call... he has instructed the on call doc to call him.

The dual care would be a great option, but may cause a sticky situation with costs? I would also check and see if he would be willing to be your back-up if you transfer... that would be the ideal situation.

As for the hep-lock thing, I don't know how valid/invalid that is. I would think it would take just as long for nurses to gather the proper fluids/medicines as it would to hook them up to the hep-lock and get them going... that just isn't making any sense to me.

Also, one final thing... can the OB give you any references or can you find any reviews online from women who have VBACed with him? I know my MW was quick to give me all of that without me even asking... and that made me feel very good. I just hate when people tell you one thing, and then when it comes down to it, it's a totally different story. If you could hear from some other people about their experiences, that would be great! And I'm sure it would give you peace of mind in your decisions as well.

GL... this is a toughy!! Please KUP!

*And glad you got to see your little peanut... that always warms my heart Biggrin

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Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention above that a big deciding factor for me was that we want to have a large family, so I keep thinking to myself "if I'm going to do it, I better do it this time" since the more c/s I have, the more limited I will be in my birth choices, especially in a hospital. We are likely to move many times with DH being in the military, so I never know what options I am going to have as far as medical care. I just really feel like this is my chance, so I better take it if that makes sense Wink

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Seems like a really tough decision with good outcomes either way.

I would really double and triple check what would happen if you go into labor and the OB is not on call - I know he said all the orders would stand but I would be concerned about that the most.

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"drakew" wrote:

I would probably do dual care and plan a hb, but that way if you get transferred or risked out you have a relationship with the OB.

Yes. This.

Plan for the homebirth and know that a transfer would be possible.

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