new stall technique for bedtime - surprisingly on topic :)

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new stall technique for bedtime - surprisingly on topic :)

So, we've been preparing my 2.5 year old son for when I go into labor and have the baby in case timing works out and he can come to the birth center. We've watched tons of videos over and over.

He's been trying different stall techniques at bedtime for a month or so now and this one tonight left DH and I chuckling!

DH was trying to get him into the bathroom to brush his teeth before bed. DS dropped to the floor - on all fours - and said, "Not right now, I'm pushing my baby out!" All while doing exaggerated breathing Smile

Guess we're prepping him well Smile

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that is too funny

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omg - hilarious!!

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So funny!

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I LOVE two year olds, they are so inventive!!!

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ROFL, that is one to remember for later!

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LOL that's awesome. what a good little student

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Too cute! Biggrin

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ROFL that is awesome!

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ha ha that is hilarious.

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Hilarious! I bet you wish you had the video camera out for that one! Wink