Normal discharge or??? TMI

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Normal discharge or??? TMI

Is there a way to tell the diff between normal pregnancy discharge and an amniotic fluidleak? I'm having minor, bhlike contrax with pressure, and so much discharge my underwear is very wet, and I can feel it coming out, The last couple hours or so. When I first felt it thought I was bleeding. baby is still active, but i worry about preterm labour because my last 3 pgcies have been so close together

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How far along are you? I might call the doc just to put my mind at ease if I were you...that much discharge wouldn't necessarily worry me by itself, but with contrax AND "pressure"? Seems worth a call. That's what they're there for!

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My midwife has said if they ever think someone is leaking fluid, their procedure is to lay the woman down for 30 minutes, and then stand up. If it gushes out, then it may be a leak.

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when I was leaking with DD, they checked the liquid with a nitrazine strip (which I think is basically litmus paper) because amniotic fluid has a higher pH than typical vaginal secretions. Sometimes the secretions just become really liquidy, but testing the pH would be the easiest way to tell if you are leaking or not. They can also do a "ferning" test by collecting a sample from behing your cervix--if amniotic fluid is present, it will "fern" on a microscope slide

If you're worrid about it, go get it checked out...if you were at term, I'd say to just wait for labor to start, but since you said it is early, probably a good idea to be better safe than sorry.

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I could soak a pair of under pants easily in a day at the end of my last pregnancy. I was changing panty liners 2-3 times a day that were completely soaked and it was just my normal discharge. I would do Sandra's idea though. That would be a very good test to try out. Smile

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Yes, I'm at30w4d. I'll try the laying down thing when dh gets home, and go from there. Of course if anything changes I'll call the doc right away. Thannks for the info!

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