Nursing and pregnant?

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Nursing and pregnant?

I know this isn't *quite* the right board for this question, but I thought maybe a few people might have some experience. I am still nursing DD, who is 15 months, and always thought I would have no problem nursing while being preggo. But I am finding it to be utterly exhausting. I assume that's normal?? I am tired just from being 8 weeks pregnant....but this is even beyond first-trimester-tired. By 1pm each day, I can barely keep my eyes open!

If you nursed while pregnant...did you find you were more tired than usual (more tired even considering the pregnancy?) I'm taking my prenatals, so I'm assuming I'm not anemic. Should I be taking extra vitamins? I'll be asking my midwife when I go in on Wednesday, but if anyone has any advice, support, that would be great! I'm so tired I've even thought about weaning, even though I know DD is no where near ready for that.

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I nursed my first when preggo with my second. I didn't notice feeling any more tired than usual early pregnancy tiredness. I don't think you need any extra vitamins but make sure you are getting plenty of protein and Iron from your diet. I would say maybe up your vitamin D intake as well. I think extra vitamin D helped me feel better. I take 4000 IU daily when pregnant or nursing. Of course I live in MI where we don't get as much sun as other places. I think it is a good idea to ask your midwife. She should have good ideas. Also the book Adventures in Tandem Nursing is a good resource.

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I was exhausted while pregnant and nursing. My DD1 was 16 months when I got pregnant with DD2. She nursed my entire pregnancy, even when I dried up around 20 weeks. I found the exhaustion and nipple pain came in waves, depending on growth spurts of the new baby on the inside. It always seemed that right when I was ready to quit nursing, the pain and fatigue would lighten up for awhile.

I second Adventures in Tandem Nursing. It also goes over nursing while pregnant which I found helpful. Also, tandem nursing, if you're up for it, is a really rewarding experience. I LOVED nursing both my girls. I'll always remember it fondly.

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DD was only nursing twice a day when I got pregnant with DS (she was about 17 mo) and I went ahead and weaned her before the end of my first trimester. I didn't really notice the fatigue being overwhelming last time. DS was only 13 months when I got pregnant this time, and nursing much more often (I am cutting him back, though he hasn't been feeling well the last two days, so he's wanted to nurse more again) and I have been much more exhausted, similar to what you are describing. I've found it is worse if I don't eat enough or very healthy or if I forget my vitamins--I'm taking a prenatal and a separate calcium/vitamin D supplement. It does seem to be getting better lately, I don't know if that is because I'm nursing less or because I'm headed out of the first trimester now.

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I was nursing DS when I got pregnant with this baby, I was definitely barely keep my eyes open tired but I've been extremely tired like that with every pregnancy. The worst as far as exhaustion was actually my 3rd pregnancy, I'd fall asleep without even realizing it, but I wasn't nursing while pregnant with him and there were over 3 years between him and my DD2 (whereas I got pregnant with DD2 and this baby when DD1 and DS1 were 12-13 months). I think it's just random. My morning sickness was the worst this time, but no other major differences. I will say that as tired as I was I think keeping up with exercise this time really helped with the fatigue.

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I nursed my son through this entire pregnancy. I had exhaustion similar to what you're describing. It turned out I was anemic, even with taking my prenatals everyday and eating a good amount of iron rich foods. I would get it checked out, just in case! Getting more iron made a world of difference for me!

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I am no help... (i know, right? so why am I even posting??? cuz I have to say my 2 cents!)
I had a really hard time nursing through my pregnancies and I did wean them sooner than if i wasn't pg. DD was around 20 months when I got pg w/ DS2 and I weaned her at 22 months b/c I actually got listeria and was a complete invalid... she really wasn't read and held on to her pacifier until she was almost 4.
I just weaned DS a couple of months ago because his nursing actually started hurting! My milk completely dried up in the first trimester, and even though I knew he was just comfort nursing, I still would have let him go on if I wasn't in excruciating pain.
I would say do check your iron levels, and try to keep going if you can, but also know when it's time to choose your health and your ability to be there for your children over continuing to BF.

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i got pregnant when my DD was 16 months, and now we're tandem nursing! There were a couple times i was surprised that we made it through- but DD was totally stoked with colostrum that came in around 22 weeks after about 6 weeks with nothing but a dribble of milk.

personally i do suffer from first trimester exhaustion, i took a nap with DD EVERY DAY, for like 2 hrs, or i'd give her to DH as soon as he got home and then take a nap, but when i was pregnant with DD and didnt have a toddler to chase i napped ALL DAY. i'd get up and get ready for work, and nap until i had to leave the house, then crawl into bed as soon as i got home.

i also suffered from wretched morning sickness with both that nothing seemed to make much difference with.

personally, it was continueing nursing so she'd take that nap with me that saved me, i couldnt have stopped when she was that little. i did what worked for me!

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I nursed during both my second and third pregnancies and I had the usual first trimester exhaustion that got better during the 2nd tri. I didn't find it worse than my first pregnancy when I wasn't nursing. (Although chasing around a toddler or two definitely adds a new challenge!)

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What the PP said. Make sure you get those vitamins and eat as healthy as you can.
I think the tiredness was somewhat worse when I was nursing DS and pregnant with DD. I found the painfulness to be the most irritating problem to deal with. DS was only 7 months when I got pregnant and it was a challenge because my milk was basically gone from the time he was about 8-9 months old. However, I didn't gain nearly as much weight during that pregnancy as I did my first (or this current pregnancy).

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Yes, very much so. I've nursed through a twin pregnancy & singleton pregnancies. It really can drain you ontop of already being tired due to being in the 1st trimester. As others have said make sure you are eating well, taking your prenatals & I would also suggest taking Floradix, which is a must in my book. It's full of vitamin's B and C and the iron is easily absorbed into your body - all 3 are a great combo even when not nursing. I also take it in my 3rd trimester & into my pp time.

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I have been nursing someone non stop for almost 7 years. (Peter will be 7 in aug) No he is not still nursing butt he was 13 months when I got prego with Tessa and nursing all prego. Then I nursed both of them and when Tessa was 19 months I got prego with Heath. I nursed both of them and was prgeo until Peter was 4 in Aug of 08. I kept nursing Tessa and had Heath in Nov of 08, then I nursed both of them July of 2010 when Tess weaned on her 4th birthday. I got a huge brake no prego and only nursing 1 baby. LOL that did not last long in Oct of 2010 I got prego and now I am back to nursing Heath and being prego. I am due in 4 weeks and plan on nursing both of them once the baby is here.

As to your question are you tired? Yea I am tired but I have been tired for over 8 years now, between prego's, nerborn babies and nursing it is my new normal. But I call tell you that small time from July-Oct last year that I was less tired then when I got prego and was nursing. For me as long as I eat when my body tells me to eat and not restrict my food intake then I do well. If I get dhydrated it is worse and I "try" to lay down a hour every day when the oldest is at school and the youngest naps. (Tessa gets her hour TV time at that time)

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I nursed my first and second children while pregnant with their siblings. I didn't notice extreme fatigue but DID notice ravenous hunger! I felt like I could not get enough food in me Smile Both of my nurslings weaned when I was around 22 weeks pg or so. I didn't take extra vitamins but I did make sure that my nutrition was excellent as I knew I was demanding a lot from my body by feeding one while growing another. Hope the fatigue eases for you and that you have a wonderful easy pregnancy!