Opportunity for a documentary...*update*
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Thread: Opportunity for a documentary...*update*

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    Default Opportunity for a documentary...*update*

    At my midwife appt yesterday I was presented with the opportunity to be a part of a documentary on waterbirth. It will be done by David Suzuki. For this reason, I am seriously considering it. I know it would be done in a light that is positive and educational.

    The only thing is my hubby doesn't seem entirely comfortable with it. We haven't ruled it out yet, but he is really concerned with a few things. First, I have a birth team that is already on the bigger end. 10 people, incl. my DH, DD and I, if everyone makes it in time (homebirth). So, to add a camera crew onto that could make for some cramped quarters. Also, he's not sure how he feels about my goodies being on tv. Both reasonable concerns.

    We did give them our contact info, so we'll have a talk with the producers to see exactly what it entails before we decide.

    I really would love to do it. Cross your fingers we can work something out that makes everyone happy. (and if so, that I don't birth too fast! lol)


    So, I just heard from the Association of Ontario Midwives. It is a radio documentary. So it would be sound recordings, not video. I haven't talked to DH about this update yet, but this would at least take care of one of his concerns. lol. It will be part of a series of radio shows that go into the human connection to the elements. The sounds of the birth would be the opening sounds to the 'water' episode.

    A cool concept for sure, though not what I was expecting. But still, it would be neat to be a part of.
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    That's awesome! Though I understand the concerns about a big birth team, that sounds like a really cool thing to be a part of.
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    That is so cool! You should see if they want to come to Alberta in October! I would so do it but I understand your/dh's reservations.
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    How awesome! I hope you guys can come to a decision that you're both comfortable with. I personally don't think I could do it, but that's just me being uber-modest and self-conscious. But I would love to watch the show when it's done!

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    I would do it! Can't they not say who you are? I understand why he'd be anxious about it, but what if you take the education of others into consideration? How cool to be a part of something so special!!

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    Wow, what an opportunity. I too understand the concerns, but helping forward the NCB message would be such an amazing thing to do if you can. I've noticed that especially in water birth videos where the mom is wearing a bikini top, you honestly don't see much in the way of "goodies" anyway...nothing recognizable, anyway. The only "privates" in view are usually under the water and at a weird angle from the camera anyway so you mostly just see watery darkness and a baby head.
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    What a great opportunity! I hope you and DH can come to an agreement! I think it would be great to be a part of!
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    That's pretty cool! I don't think I could do it myself, but I'm so private that I don't even want my mom at the birth. My DH, MW, and doula will feel like a crowd to me.

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    Too cool!! I understand why you would want to think about it and talk to the producer before making a decision. That would be quite a few people. KUP!
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    That sounds exciting! I hope everyone is happy with the decision that ends up being made. KUP!

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