OT: herbs/homeopathics to boost immune system

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OT: herbs/homeopathics to boost immune system

Hi Moms --

Just a quick question and thought you all could provide me your insights.

Both of my girls are sick (throwing up, the works)... it isn't the flu as both girls have low grade fever or no fever. Personalities are actually pretty good considering...

I really don't want to catch this from them, but have been already exposed (obviously...)
besides Vit.C, is their anything else you would consider taking to help boost the immune system while pregnant? (I'm at 16 weeks...)

I don't use Zicam as I don't like the idea of using a heavy metal during pregnancy/child-bearing years...but any other ideas, suggestions, etc are very welcomed. Thanks Ladies!


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I don't know about homeopathics, but I practically eat my weight in broccoli, blueberries and oranges this time of the year because of everyone being sick. I try to eat right all the time or at least as good as I can and keep my body in line with chiropractic care and I rarely get sick anymore since I started doing these things. Another thing is to get plenty of sleep. Sleep is completely connected to overall well being!!!! The foods above are very high in vitamin C and as a natural source of vitamin C they are absorbed by the body very easily. I will sometimes take a Vitamin C supplement when someone in my house is sick, but its not a substitute for the foods with vitamin C. And avoid sugar when you are sick or at risk of getting sick.

As for the girls, if it were in my house, I would put them to bed until they get better. When they drink, only give them water. If they can get some food in their system, make it count. Chicken noodle soup is good in theory, but it's not very nutrient dense. Be creative with the veggies, but push them. If they like blueberries, they are a good way to get little ones to eat something healthy but delicious. I like to make my kids broccoli soup when they are sick or something with carrots. Carrots are like a super food. I will sometimes cut up a bunch of veggies with a little bit of cubed chicken and make a chicken broth veggie soup. The kids love it and I'm making sure they get some extra good stuff when they don't feel good.

Good luck!

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Elderberry syrup is a great for preventing sickies and speeding up the recovery.


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We use Elderberry as well, capsules Smile

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thank you... the girls seem to be doing better today... feel bad that they are missing their last day of preschool before the holiday, but I'm already feeling guily that Emily might have spread it on Monday.

Anyways -- I have to laugh... my oldest is so picky, I can't imagine trying to get brocolli in her... I will pick up some Elderberry next time I'm at the health food store...

Thanks again... fingers crossed that I dodged a bullet and didn't get sick...