OT: (Parenting naturally)...anyone use chiro for kids? (vent!)

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OT: (Parenting naturally)...anyone use chiro for kids? (vent!)

I go to the chiro myself, and I love it, although I have only gone for pregnancy issues really. My DD was suffering a high fever since 3am last night- this afternoon it peaked at 104.7 so I ended up taking her in (and because of stupid insurance, we ended up at the ER). Anyway... double ear infection and a RX for 10 days of abx. Sad So not cool, because my DD is the freaking hardest kid to get meds into EVER. She refuses everything that isn't dye free ibuprofen. How she knows I don't know. Sometimes I can sneak the abx into a yogurt and she'll eat it up, but, that didn't work tonight. So she didn't even get the whole first dose tonight. The only other way to get it into her is to pin her down (I have to sit on her), and then squeeze her mouth so she can't spit it out, and try to get her to swallow without gagging or choking. It's HORRIBLE.

My point.... I would LOVE to take her to a chiro- my guy even specializes in kids- BUT my insurance requires a referral for chiro- and I don't know any peds/docs who will refer a kid for chiro. I know for sure my ped won't. I just find the whole situation so frustrating. Especially when it seems like if an adjustment could take care of these ear infection so easily, it would be SO worth it... and yet, here I am about to struggle to get abx into her for 10 days...why?? Because of money. Because without insurance help I can't afford the chiro for her...and the freaking abx were FREE. That was nice, but... why does the system have to work so hard against us???

Sorry, I guess I just wanted to vent. I hope there are people out there that can enjoy the benefits of natural care for their kids.

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I just wanted to completely and totally agree with you on every word of this Sad No helpful advice, but...man. Totally agree with how STUPID it all is! There are a few chiros in our area who don't charge much even without insurance...like $20/session. Which, yes, can add up fast but if a few sessions would do it, maybe workable? Maybe worth calling around a bit?

Addy is a nightmare with medicine too, and what works once usually won't work twice in a row, BUT I have found that if I rotate a few strategies I can usually avoid the pinning nightmare. One thing that works amazingly well sometimes is if I dip the end of the syringe in sugar and get a bit on her tongue--then she sucks it down to get all the sugar. Once she 'gets' that trick she will usually get excited about her meds every evening ...for that round. Next round she'll flip out, but applesauce or yogurt will work.

And if all else fails...pinning. But: SIGH. And hugs!

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My kids all see a chiro but mine charges a reduced rate for kids $20/kid. It is still a lot of $$ since I have 3 but it is soooo worth it! We have yet to have an ear infection! Anyway insurance SUCKS i totally know how you feel!! I am currently waiting to see how much of my $3900 birth they will cover and I am sure it will be next to nothing which will we all know doesnt make sense! Ahhhhh so frustrating! I know my doc would give kids a chiro referral so i really wish you could see him and get the referral! (He is in Lansing) Hope Beni feels better soon and takes her meds for ya!

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Sarahsunshine has often made use of her chiropractor for the kids. Her midwife suggested it. We are in Canada and (I may be wrong but) I believe the cost is covered. She has used the chiropractor effectively for all sorts of things from ear infections and newborn latching/nursing issues...to her own ice hockey pains. Wink So maybe your midwife could give you some hints on referrals and pay plans?

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We are pretty lucky that our insurance will cover it some but only $350 per year after you meet the $250 deductible. Some, but still not cheap. We don't need a referral. That stinks that you have to have a referral from a doctor. Maybe still approach the doctor about it and see if they will refer to the Chiro for anything at all. Or see if your Chiro has pediatricians he/she knows of that have referred children to them for care before.

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I'd ask the Chiro to recommend a ped or family doctor that has referred patients in the past. Or call your insurance and ask them what to do when your doctor refuses to give you the referral, there might be some kind of work-around, or they might be able to give you info on a doctor in your area who has done referrals. If nothing else, I'd get my child in to the chiro & ask for a payment plan.

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The Chiro is amazing for kids. We?ve used it many times for lots of things, and ear infections is definitely one. The thing is that I?ve found it?s mostly preventative. We didn?t need a referral because it?s covered by our insurance, but is there any way to go to a clinic and walk in and just say ?I have a friend who has had extreme success preventing ear infections with her doctor using chiropractic treatment. We?ve had this issues several times now, and I would really like to try it, but my insurance requires a referral. Could you write me a referral??.

Also, the treatment is only soft tissue massaging of the lymph nodes up by the ears, under the shin, at the angular process of the mandible, and down your neck. It?s not a bone/joint manipulation and is very safe, so I feel totally comfortable doing it myself. If your doctor truly won?t give you a referral, pay for one appointment yourself (my chiro also has children?s rates and many will give a first child consultation free). It?s also helpful to take the kids to the chiro a couple times just to watch you so they know what is expected.