OT - Update on my husband

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OT - Update on my husband

I don't feel like rewriting it all, so here's my blog update: A State of Limbo

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Lisa, one step at a time is absolutely right! I know it's hard to stay positive, especially with a big family like yours and another precious baby on the way, but I really do think that everything will be OK. Sending T&P your way for you and your DH!

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Oh man, I don't know what to say except that I will be thinking of you, your hubby, and your family. I can't imagine going through anything like this. Your blog post was touching, and brought me to tears. If I could reach right out of this computer screen and give you a big fat hug I totally would.

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huge hugs lisa! i am sorry that today didn't just give you the answers that could've brought relief. i hope by the end of the week you can lay this to rest. Praying for you guys!

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Hope that you get many more answers by the end of the week. Limbo is hard. :bigarmhug:

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hugs!! i hope you get some answers this week!