Our New Birth Center

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Our New Birth Center

Our Birth Center recently moved to a new building. It's a beautiful facility and I'm excited to get preggo again and birth #2 there! Here's video from the ribbon cutting. You get to see the MW, Fran, who assisted with Teagan's birth Smile


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Hooray for a new birthing centre. The only one anywhere near me is a 2 hour drive and I believe only caters to their local community because the hospital closed it's maternity ward. In saying this though they have found it to be workign really well and there is talk of opening more in other small towns.

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looks nice

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Looks nice!

Does a birth centre work as a midwifes office/place to birth your babies, or would the office be separate? I don't know much about birth centres, but they seem like a nice option if you don't have the room (or it's not legalized in your State) to home birth.

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It serves as their office and it's also a women's health center. I received all my prenatal care at the old facility and will be going to the new facility for my annual exams/other lady business. They also have Mom and Baby groups, child birth classes, and they are going to start a midwifery training program. It's more like a birth community center really. I feel really lucky to have one so nice here in Tucson. Home birth isn't illegal in AZ but I think there aren't many home birth midwives. I had a few reasons for not wanting a home birth and the birth center filled the gap quite perfectly.

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It sounds nice! We have only one or two free standing birth centers in my state. I wish there were more for women who wanted something other than a homebirth or a hospital birth!

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The new facility looks nice! If I had a freestanding birth center close enough to me to give birth there, I'm pretty sure I would choose it over homebirth, partly because there is a big social stigma about homebirth, and birth centers seem more socially acceptable...doesn't make sense because the care is almost identical, but I guess the general public doesn't know that. Also, one of my hang ups about homebirth is that midwives I'd be with have never actually transfered anyone to the hospital near me (in 2 years of practice, they've only transfered 4 times), so I'm not sure what I would expect from them in the event of transfer, and a birth center would have some sort of working relationship with the nearest hospital. I also love the idea of birth centers for midwifery training--I think they may have a little more to offer student midwives than apprenticing with a homebirth midwife does.

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I haven't been over there yet but keep meaning to call...can't wait to see the new building in person! We are so lucky to have this place. Such an amazing community.

(Looks like they were able to keep the same homey feel...I'm so glad!)