Pain medication for kidney stones while pregnant

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Pain medication for kidney stones while pregnant

Unfortunately, I have a kidney stone. It hurts like a b****. They can't break it up because the techniques used to do it are unsafe during pregnancy. I'm hoping it will break up on its own. My GP prescribed hydrocodone, and while I know it's considered fairly safe in pregnancy, I'm hesitant to take it. Especially since it's possible that I will have the stone until after the baby's born, and that would mean meds over a long period of time. Would you take it?

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Well... I can say from experience that the drugs are relatively safe, and you really really really want to avoid ending up having the kidney stone stent put in if its offered to you. That is a full out general anesthetic knock you out in the OR to get it in deal... and... they don't knock you out to take it out... nuff said...

I had the stent put in with DD#2 and ended up with all sorts of pre-term labor at 24 weeks, as well as low growth/low weight when she finally was born! (If you consider a 7lb baby low birth weight... I still don't get that)

Hope it clears up for you, I remember that pain, very UNFUN! *hugs*