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So Mona's pee collection has me wondering ... did anyone else not have weekly pee collection? I swear I only had pee collected at my very first appointment and I think that was because my MW had to do a PG test for insurance reasons. I was never asked to do one after that. Is it standard to do weekly pee collections and I just got lucky or is weekly pee collection just an OB thing?

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I did pee in a cup every appt with my OB in Del Rio (just 3rd tri). I did not pee in a cup with the base hospital (first 27 weeks) till they got concerned with my "hypertension."
I have peed in a cup every appt here. They run a quick test on it. Protein and something else too.

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:lurk: I only ever had to do one pee test and that was at the start of the pregnancy along with the initial bloods. I was seen by a gp for the first twenty weeks then mainly midwives after that, I had to see the ob once at about twenty I sh weeks and because he was breech I had to see the ob weekly fromthirty seven weeks

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I've had to pee in a cup at every appt so they could keep track of my protein and glucose levels.

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I am asked to pee in a cup at every appointment. I don't really mind much as long as I never have to do another 24 hour collection again. Smile

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I was being asked to pee in a cup every time with my first pregnancy (general practitioner), but I asked her if it was really necessary since I had no risk factors so she told me I didn't have to. . . so I didn't. I had an OB for the first half of Hailey's pregnancy and her practice never did them. I never have had to with my midwives either.

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I had to do pee in a cup at every appointment with DD1's pregnancy with OB's.
With DD2, which was an OB/midwife (medwife) practice, they never had me do it, except the first 2 appointments.
With this pregnancy, with homebirth midwives, I do pee in a cup at every appointment, and I do the dipstick myself - tests for protein and glucose.

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My HBMW had me do pee tests every appt, but the most I ever saw her was every 2 weeks- even at the end. She was checking protein and glucose and whatever else is on that stick. Smile

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Ditto on the peeing in the cup with every visit. Midwife or not I still had to pee in the cup every visit to check my glucose and several other things. If I remember right it depends on the different states on whether or not some tests have to be done. I know when I was reading up on the requirements for midwives in Utah, they must do the normal pee test or they risk loosing their license.

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I peed in a cup for every visit to my midwife last pregnancy. Assuming it will be the same this time around.

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I did not pee in a cup every time at the BC (obviously, since it was the same as yours, Erin), but I can't remember now if my original OB made me. I somehow don't think so, though. And she was really aggressive, too, and not test shy in the least. Huh. Sounds like it's definitely all over the place as far as whether it's considered standard or not!

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I only did at my first appt and when I showed up at L&D with severe itching. If I remember right from school it is to watch for bladder infections but now women are getting over treated with antibiotics when they don't need them so it is not considered a necessity anymore.

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There are other reason obviously but in the normal uncomplicated pregnancy is what I meant. Smile