Perinatology/GDM update

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Perinatology/GDM update

So, I've been seeing Dr T, the peri, for the gestational diabetes, and had my follow up today.

The good news:

#1: The GD is in good control. Good enough, with diet alone, that he doesnt want to see me anymore (yay!)

#2: Cassandra is still a girl.

#3: She is head down (yay!)

#4: she is 6 lb 2 oz give or take a pound.

#5: Her growth is not the growth of an infant of a diabetic mother - abdomen, etc are not bigger than her head.

the kind of news:

- her head is 90+% for size. her abdomen and the rest of her is just below the 50th%.


Still cleared for VBAC, NO increased risk of dystocia, NO required NSTs or BPPs, NO "get out by" date (ok, aside from the general OB "out by 40 weeks" thing).

Im released to the midwives ONLY for the rest of the pregnancy!

*doin' the happy dance*


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I'll join you in a happy dance! :pinkelephant:

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as a GD momma, I know the relief you feel by finding out that their growth is on target and the abdomen is NOT above average. I was ecstatic after my last specialist appt and being released to my regular OB's care. FTR, my DD2 (which was my GD baby and a VBA2C) also had a large head on u/s :rolleyes:

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Fantastic appointment! Good job on the diet!

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yay! I'm happy to read some really good news!

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That is some amazing news! Congrats!

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Yahoo What wonderful news!!!!!

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That's great news! You must be doing an awesome job controlling your diet.

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Yay for a good appt!!