Perineum Issues

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Perineum Issues

I've never had perineum issues during pregnancy before so I don't know how 'normal' this is or not. Thought I'd see if anyone has had or heard of this happening and can offer some ideas.

So my perineum has been pretty swollen for the past 2 weeks. Just on a daily basis too and not only after a BM or DTD, though after DTD it is even more swollen. At first I thought it was a Hemi but its not far enough back, is waayy bigger, and just doesn't feel the same. This week after I emptied my bladder and wiped it started bleeding. I either tore it or ripped it somehow. It healed up pretty fast but is still a little tender. Now I'm just worried about it opening up again during the next few weeks.

I had a 2nd degree tear with DS2 and that was only 16 months ago. Everything from that healed well I thought even though it took a while. Thinking this could be some of the issue. Also, this LO is also sitting reallly really low. My other 2 always sat high up in my ribs and this LO hasn't even kicked them once. I've been seeing the Chiro for about 2 months now (for hip and sciatic pain) and I think the adjustments have totally helped keep him/her low this time. Anyway, I don't know if the pressure from LO being low is adding to the perineum issue. Anyone ever had issue with swelling before baby arrived?

I totally started supporting that area during a BM over the last 2 weeks and keep a healthy diet with lots of veggies & fruits. Do you think using something like EPO, olive oil, or vit. E on my perineum would help keep things soft and at least minimize further tearing or ripping before delivery? Any other ideas?

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I feel your pain, Joy!! My experience wasn't as bad, but I kept feeling tingling and soreness on my perineum throughout this past pg. The awful thing for me was that I know I tore in pg #3, but had no clue how much or anything due to horrible care providers who don't believe the general public should have any say in, nor knowledge of their care. So I was really nervous. I did start putting on oil and being more careful during BM (also blowing raspberries while on the toilet helped keep things loose) Thank God it didn't effect the birth and I didn't tear at all, but I had 2 years between births, so I wonder if the shorter healing time factors in at all.
Either way, if your scar is opening and bleeding, I would have it looked at to make sure it's ok, and I would definitely be super careful about infections!

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I don't have any personal experience with this, but, I think if I were in your shoes, I would get checked out by my MW/OB! I hope it all turns out ok!

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i just want to chime in that i am SUPER swollen in my perineum, too. and i didn't have that with my first pregnancy. i haven't had any bleeding, but it is ridiculous how swollen it is and very tender. i know i should be doing perineum massage/stretching with olive oil, but have only done it a couple times so far. i just attributed the swelling to increased blood flow to that region and haven't worried about how it will affect the birth.

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Well, in my birthing experiences, I only had issues with my first baby. I tore and had an epesiotomy. But with my other three babies I didn't have any of those issues! I think for a lot of women, your body just has to endure it that first time with childbirth, and once you go through it your body is stretched enough for any subsequent babies. Again, this is just how things went for me. But I do believe that regular massage with EVOO by your or your DH will help tremendously.

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It sounds like vaginal varicosities. Can you feel the veins down there? Mention it to your care provider to check it out and be sure. If that is what it is, keep your feet up as much as you can. Wearing a thick pad can help because it provides some counter pressure so the blood doesn't pool quite so much. But, what worked best for me was homeopathic hamamelis - technically it's for hemorrhoids but it helps with any venous congestion. Hope it helps for you!

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Thanks ladies. I did have DH check it out but he wasn't much help and just said it looked swollen and a little irritated. I'll have it checked out at my appt. on friday. I wonder if it does have something to do with the veins down there? I can't really tell but I could see that happening. I am on my feet non-stop during the week since I run a preschool and I'm sure thats not a great combo with all the pressure from baby as well.

I think I'll start keeping that area well oiled now instead of waiting till the last few weeks.

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Joy, I'm experiencing the exact same thing you are (minus bleeding so far) and I had haven't yet had a vaginal delivery. I was thinking mine was a vein issue, like kris_w mentioned. I have my 34 weeks appointment in 2 hours where he will do the GBS test, so we'll see if he thinks it's any kind of issue and what he recommends as it does cause discomfort. Possible TMI: Especially when I get a wedgie and pull it out, it hurts a whole lot! OUCH.

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((HUGS)) I always get swollen down there the last few weeks of pregnancy and it is so uncomfy.... esp after DTD.

Pressure really helps.

I have friends who have used one of these with positive results-- good luck!

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I wonder if it's a varicose vein? I've heard of that occuring down there during pregnancy.