Placenta Encapsulations

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Placenta Encapsulations

Hello All,

I am a doula and Lamaze Educator from Asheville, NC. As my husband and I explore jobs for him, and the idea of getting pregnant, my Placenta Encapsulations are the one thing I can see myself happily doing at home for extra money while raising a family.

Knowing we might get relocated at some point in the future, I am curious if placenta encapsulations are as big everywhere else as they are in our holistic little Asheville. Are any of you planning on doing an encapsulation? Are your friends? For what reasons? Where do you live? (you dont have to tell me exactly, just a general area would be nice)

If you dont know about encapsulations, feel free to visit my website as Im sure you could find someone in your area to do it if it was something you were interested in!

Thanks for your input as I explore other areas of our country- and strive to be a stay at home mama!


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I live on the East Coast. No one is getting it done around me that I know of. It was mentioned in my birthing class and all the couples seemed really grossed out by it. I feel favorably about it because I lived in Los Angeles for 5 years and they are more into that kind of stuff. I know there is someone here who does the encapsulation - just not sure if we're going to be able to spend the money.

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I will probably be getting ours encapsulated. I'm in the midwest and everyone I know is grossed out by it. But once I got with my midwife, I realized that more people do it than I thought.

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I am on the east coast of NC, and I had my placenta encapsulated. I first heard of placenta "stuff" in the mountains of WV by one of the lay midwives up there. They were more into consuming it raw or in the form of a shake. That got my wheels turning and I started looking into it and found out about encapsulation after googling placentophagy. I experienced PPD with DD and was willing to do anything to avoid that again. I also knew this time would be hard b/c DH was not here for the birth (due to deployment). I think the main reason for people not doing it is simply b/c they don't know about it. Most mom's that I have talked to who have experienced PPD before or imbalances after baby are all for it! I always try to get the word out, b/c it seems like people are really open to it after they hear about it.

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I live in NYC and I had it done. I haven't heard many people around here getting it done, but there is someone very close that does it. I don't have many mom friends locally though, so maybe I just haven't spoken to the right people?

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My midwife actually offers this service along with her other services...I'm strongly considering it this time around!

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I live in a small town in WA, and I don't know anyone IRL who has had their placenta encapsulated. I actully mentioned the idea to a potential doula client who has had issues with postpartum depression in the past and she thought it was really weird. I do know have a friend in a larger city about an hour away who is a doula and is involved in the birth scene there and aparently it is not unheard of there--she is getting certified as an encapsulation specialist. It is mostly discussions on this board that has gotten me to come around to the idea--I thought it was gross at first, too, but I am considering doing it when we have baby #3.

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I encapsulated my last placenta & will do so with this one as well. I am also a PBI PES ( as well as a doula. I love being able to do this for other mama's - it's a gift our bodies give us after giving so much to our new babie(s). It is one of those perfect & complete circles that life & nature offer us. I love hearing of others who do it & wish you all the best with your birth work Smile

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I had it done with my last baby, I lived in rural ID but had it done by a lady in a larger city in WA. Right now I live in France on our way to Africa, so I probably can't help you there. Lol I have a friend who had hers done in the St Louis area, too.

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I plan on doing it this time around. I don't know anyone personally who has had it done, but there are several people who offer the service in this area, so it must be growing.