On "Please can you wait a week" rest. (XP)

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On "Please can you wait a week" rest. (XP)

So this afternoon I started having real contractions, 8 minutes apart lasting about a minute consistent for an hour and growing in strength/intensity. I called my doc cause I get prodromal labor and it last for weeks, but first baby it didn't start until due date and second baby it started at 38 weeks (after I had been off bed rest for a week).

Anyway, seeing as how I'm ONLY going to be 36 weeks tomorrow, she decided she wanted to check me to be sure. She had me come to her office and not L&D cause it probably didn't need to be a full NST.

The litmus paper said no amniotic fluid, and she checked my cervix and determined that I'm 1cm dilated. 11 days ago I was barely a fingertip. So something is happening, but it could still be for-freaking-ever before I'm in "real" labor.

She wants me to "Please can you wait a week..." in a cutesy little squeeky voice (I love my doc). I'm suppose to take it easy and not do things that most women are wanting to do at this time to start labor, like no long walks, no sex, no consuming mass quantities of pineapple, no.... you get the idea.

I replied with "But, my birthday is next weekend and" then she cuts me off and got all excited and said "OOOoohh, what are you gonna do for it?!" Did I say I really my doc?

Anyway, at this point I'm pretty confident that it's not going to amount to much just yet, but since she wants me to play it safe, just in case....

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Your doc. sounds funny!
Hope you get some extra rest and indeed keep LO baking that extra week.

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Your doc sounds super nice! I know having contractions this early can be a little uneasy, but just try to relax and take it easy! Now's the time to have DH spoil you a little lol!