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Has anyone here taken 5W/PN-6? They're slightly different...from what I understand, 5W isn't made anymore so PN-6 is used now. ( I'm not trying to necessarily induce labor, but I want to make sure my uterus is toned enough. There's also a Red Raspberry Combination capsule that is similar: That one is cheaper, so I'm more inclined to buy it instead of the PN-6.

I'm thinking that some of the ingredients will help with getting my uterus to contract during/after the 3rd stage, so hopefully I won't have to have a pitocin shot. Also, after DD2, I had a stage 3 uterine prolapse (they could see my cervix right at the vaginal opening). I've been trying to be good with my kegels, but I just always forget to do them!

Do you guys think taking those herbs for the next 3ish weeks would help with these issues? Which capsule do you think would be better? Thanks!

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I drank red raspberry leaf tea and that helped a ton! I've never heard of the PN-6 though.

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i wouldn't get either if you're not trying to induce labor. blue and black cohosh and pennyroyal will induce labor (pennyroyal in early stages of pregnancy will cause a miscarriage). Blessed thistle will only help with your milk production. RRL will tone the uterus. False unicorn root and lobelia together is used for anti-miscarriage remedy in early stages of pregnancy.

I guess its really up to you whether you want to try it.. you're far enough along that it wouldn't really harm you short of causing you to go into labor sooner (could be good or bad).

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Hmm, good to know! I guess I'll think about it a little more. Thanks!!

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My midwife recommended I take PN-6, and she said I can start it now and I'm only 35 weeks. I haven't gotten any though. Haven't decided what to do yet either.

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Don't feel bad about those Kegels, i followed a thread about vaginal prolapse and one of the best resources said that the kegels were the least reliable way of prevention, it just doesnt always help.

other than that, i'm useless, don't look at me!