is it possible? (head engagement ?)

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is it possible? (head engagement ?)

... that if I had one baby at 40 weeks, 1 day (went into labor on my own on my EDD) and one baby induced at 40 weeks 4 days (prolly would have gone into labor on my own within the next 3 days) that I could have this one earlier than 40 weeks? I'm asking b/c I have just gotten beyond uncomfy the past few days. I'm pretty sure he's fully engaged-- my hips are killing me! I literally can barely walk, especially by the end of the day and that's with taking it easy and sitting down as much as possible. Along with that, I'm getting near constant cervi. head-butts. But what has me the most worried is the near constant pressure I'm having in my bum-- it feels like it does when you need to push the baby out, maybe not that strong but there is definately pressure there, like maybe I need to go poop but I don't need to (btw, tmi, I don't need to go, that chlorophyll and blood builders takes care of that for me). Is this head engagement? My other's heads didn't engage until labor I don't think, they were low but never engaged until I actually went into good labor.

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I don't know about head engagement; but I can say this. My mom had my brother at 42 weeks, my sister at 41 weeks, and me (4 years after my sister) pretty much right on with my due date. My doula, on the other hand, had her 6th baby 6 weeks ago and went the longest in pregnancy with her and almost needed an induction.

W/o other symptoms I personally wouldn't be concerned yet. It does sound like it is very possible that baby is locked and loaded, but I've heard of that happening early in a lot of women and they just waddle like ducks for a few weeks.

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My first 3 kids were all late, but #4 came 10 days early, so I'd say it is totally possible Smile

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Well, I delivered my kids at 34w5d, 35w, and 36w4d all fairly close, but my mom had my brother at 34 weeks and then she had me 10 days LATE so anything can happen, each pregnancy is different

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If baby's not engaged it's really low. That's how I felt with DS2 after 35 weeks but he never engaged until labor started, he did stay low most of the time though and by the end of the day from my hips down just hurt. I went to just past 39 weeks with him. My first I went to 41 weeks and ended up induced. So basically 2 weeks deference. It could happen.

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I had that same thing happen with Weston. It felt like my hips were splitting apart & my butt was going to fall off. My tailbone hurt with every little wiggle he made. He had definitely dropped but I don't think he was engaged because I'm pretty sure that happened later in the pregnancy. I slept with a pillow between my legs & felt better the next day. Oh, and I looked back at my lodge and that was at 37 weeks, and I went to 41 weeks with him. FWIW...

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I walked around with DD at -1 station for the last four weeks of my pregnancy. Super uncomfortable! It could definitely be engagement, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll go into labor early. Then again, you never know ;-).

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I know that every baby is different, but they do seem to kind of follow the same patterns as to when they arrive. All three of mine were born in my 39th week, so I'm assuming the same thing for this one. You're just more uncomfortable because this is your third baby and your muscles are much more lax than they used to be. I had the same problem with my DD, I couldn't walk more than a few minutes without being in extreme pain, like she was going to fall right out of me! My whole last month of pregnancy was extremely uncomfortable. Talk to your doc about it though, worst comes to worst they can do a membrane sweep for you after 38 weeks to maybe get the ball rolling... and if you really can't handle the pain anymore you can always opt for an induction... good luck!