Possible kink in my plans

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Possible kink in my plans

I got my ultrasound results back after a episode of bleeding last week. Turns out I have a low-lying placenta. At the moment my placenta is a little over the cervix edge. I've been told to take it easy for the next 6 weeks, then they'll do another ultrasound to check out the location - hopefully it'll move up as my uterus grows, but it might not. My mw said if that's the case, I'll have to get a planned c-section since it'll be too dangerous to let my cervix start dilating at all.
I am freaked out. Perhaps I am irrationally fearful, but I fear having a c-section more than almost anything else. I'm worried it will interfere with nursing, that my milk won't come in. Has anyone here had a c-section and successfully nursed full-time with no problems?

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I have lots of friends who have had c-sections and successfully nursed for 18-months.

As for the low placenta, just hang in there! There is a good chance that it will move up on its own.

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One of the ladies in my centering group at my midwives had this same problem, but as it turns out they do move as the baby gets bigger. She was told at 15 weeks that her placenta was overlapping her cervix, but when they scanned again at 24 weeks there was plenty of space between the two! She's set to deliver, as planned in the next two or so weeks!

Sending positive vibes your way, hope it all works out for you!

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I've had a c-sec which each so far and haven't had too much in terms of nursing after, it's just hard to get comfy. hopefully it'll move up for you though

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Try not to worry too much! There is a really good chance it will move in the next few months. Hang in there!

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There is a very very good chance the placenta will move. My SIL's placenta was half an inch over the edge of her cervix at her 20 weeks U/S and she had a successful vaginal birth at 36 weeks 5 days. I've heard of more cases of it clearing out of the way then not. I'm sure you will be fine!

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Thanks for the positive stories ladies...I'm really hoping mine moves up in the next 6 weeks before my next u/s!

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I had a low-lying placenta with my first daughter... it more than moved out of the way by the time I delivered. Please try to not worry... I'm sure everything will be ok! Smile


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I hope the placenta moves up for you!

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You were only 16 weeks? I'm surprised they mentioned it, to be honest, and probably only did so to explain your bleeding. The uterus is still small enough, and the placenta large enough by comparison, that almost every placenta can be considered "low-lying."

That said, since you mentioned that your placenta was "a little over the edge" of your cervix, when they do your next ultrasound to check that it's moved, please make sure they do a color Doppler to make sure that the blood vessels that feed the placenta have also moved. This is a condition called Vasa Previa, and it's a *very* small risk, especially when the placenta moves up earlier than later, but the results can be as catastrophic as Placenta Previa. It might require a transvaginal ultrasound, but both the peace of mind or the knowledge that you have VP are well worth the trouble. (Please don't Google this, at least not now, you'll just worry yourself. Just remember to have them look for it. :p)

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I hope it moves for you. I have had 3 c-sections and successfully nursed them all. My milk was in before I left the hospital the last time.

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I had a partial cover at 12 weeks (only told as a possible explanation for bleeding) which resolved itself. I did end up with a c section for other reasons though and have had no trouble nursing. Some people do find it takes an extra day or two for their milk to come in, but mine was in by day 4. I was the only one on the ward not having issues nursing and that was including women who had normal births.

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My milk came in on day 3 after my c-section and that included being separated from my baby for many hours after the birth. We nursed for 26 months. Smile

But as the others have said, there's a good chance it will move. Fingers crossed! Keep us posted.

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I've had probably a dozen friends by this point who have had a low lying placenta diagnosis early on, and each time it has moved up. It's pretty rare when it doesn't I think. I am hoping the same for you!!! Sorry you have to worry about it...

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I was worried about the same thing after my c-section. I did have supply issues, but it wasn't because of the c-section, it was from using a nipple shield for too long from Sophia having a hard time latching on.

My milk still came in just fine, though. As long as your milk comes in, it's about supply and demand. I just wasn't getting enough stimulation in the first couple weeks to build up my supply initially. It had nothing to do with the c-section, though.

I'd talk to a lactation consultant, they might be able to ease your fears a little. Smile

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my placenta was totally covering the cervix at the 20 week u/s with DD. By week 24 it had moved entirely off the area and I was able to have a natural birth. From my research - there is a 90% chance the placenta will move if it's in the way at 20 weeks. At 17 weeks you are even more likely that it will move. Don't stress yet!

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I don't have any advice about the placenta, but I hope it moves for you!

I had a c-section and exclusively nursed DD until 18 months. Just make sure you get the baby as soon as you can (preferably in recovery or sooner) and get nursing immediately (assuming you even need this advice - hopefully you won't). I think my milk came in on day 4, if I remember correctly. But of course you have colostrum before that.

My milk came in sooner (day 2 or 3) with my VBAC, but she was also my 2nd baby so I don't know if that makes a difference.

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I have my sono Wed. to check on my low lying placenta. I am really not worried about it though. I also read that 90% move up and that makes me feel much better. I'm just being excited about seeing my baby again! I would say focus on that and try to relax.

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Yeah, don't stress about it yet. You are super early.

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I had a c-section and didnt have problems nursing (well, the first 3-6 weeks are hell anyway...but once you grit through that). Brayden nursed for 14 months, no issues.

I supplemented him once in the hospital before my milk came in, but used a syringe for the whole 20cc of formula he got.

Other than that, it was straight BM.

EVERYONE's milk takes 3-5 days to come in, babies are made to survive that stage.

And at 16 weeks, you could have a full previa now and still have it completely move away.

Dont fret yet.

If you still have previa at 32 weeks, I'd worry THEN.


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Yeah, I know it's still early, I'm just worried because I had absolutely no complications with my first, so this is all new to me. Also I've had another bleeding episode this morning, so I'm just really nervous. I agree, it will probably solve itself by the time I make it to the third tri, but for now I'm just nervous.

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I had an emergency c-section with DD (I was under general anesthesia) and we had absolutely zero problems nursing. My milk started to come in before I even left the hospital. I never had to supplement. She nursed until she self-weaned. I'm a worrier myself, so I definitely understand your nervousness, but rest assured that if you were to have a c-section, nursing really shouldn't be a problem. But I am hopeful that your placenta will move up and you won't even have to think about it!