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Thread: Post-Partum care

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    Default Post-Partum care

    This question is especially for the home-birthers and birth center birthers, but any input at all is very appreciated!
    What "needs" to be done for the mother post-partum after NCB?
    Do I "need" to have a nurse push on my uterus every couple of hours?
    I will be breastfeeding and I know that causes the uterus to contract without having to push on it.
    Do I "need" to have my "bottom checked"? Eww. Dontcha just love that. "You've got hemorrhoids" no duh
    What else is there that they usually do in the hospital? I can't really remember. What do the midwives do and not do after a homebirth or birth center birth?
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    I was a bit lightheaded immediatley after birth so my memory may be a bit foggy.....

    I'm pretty sure no one ever pushed on my belly/uterus (but then I had very little bleeding and the placenta came out with no issues).

    My MW did check my perineal area as I knew I had torn a tiny bit. She debated whether it needed sutures or not, and ended up putting in 2 sutures. I do think that checking the perineum is a standard procedure (and a wise idea) because if there is a significant tear then it should probably be sutured.

    Other than that, I don't think I had any other "checks" done to me. My MW helped me in and out of the shower, pool and my bed after the birth so she could see how much bleeding there was. And of course, she asked me if I was hungry, thirsty, in pain, how I was feeling, etc.

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    Yeah, mine cleaned up my vaginal area a little to check for tears. She sat on the edge of my bed to observe me as she filled out Derek's birth certificate forms. No belly pressing here either.

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    I was in a "hospital" for the last two but I say that loosely as it was more like a birth center. Things are foggy after birth. I think my belly was massaged for the first but not for the second. I bled for a longer period of time after the second than I did for the first - I suspect because I wasn't massaged so I actually prefer it. They did however encourage me to massage it myself (which I didn't and probably should have) over the next few days as it is supposed to help cut down on the time you bleed post partum. And like the others I was checked for tearing and both times required stitches...I'm not sure I would pass that up unless I didn't ever plan on having sex again lol. I'd rather they make sure it's going to heal up properly

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    My placenta was coming out the way they liked so they gave me a shot of pitocin (I think, I was to busy enjoying my baby) and there may have been some pushing on the tummy. Then she checked if I had torn and if I needed stitches. It wasn't too intrusive and that could have been that I was just so thrilled to have my baby and a a great hbac.
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    I did have a significant pp bleed so I was given a shot of pit in my leg, but did not have my belly massaged. The shot took care of the bleed and I did not need anything more. Other than that she just put a few stitches in my tear and then baby and me got in the bath together. She did stay for awhile just to make sure everything was fine and have some food with us.

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    I delivered in hospital. I didn't have any belly pushing or massaging. My midwife did stand there as I delivered the placenta, and then checked me. I also had a nurse check my bottom the next day- which for me was nice because of course I had no idea if what I felt like was normal, so it was nice to have someone look and say, Yup, looks normal!
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    I lost quite a lot of blood with the placenta, so they gave me a shot of pit and I *think* did some belly massage. After the bleeding stopped they didn't do anymore massage after that though.

    I tore so they had to check that out and *ahemawkward* check my anus to see if I tore that far. Thankfully, no. I got stitched up, they observed G nursing, took his stats and left us in peace. Nothing else.

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    My MW helped me get out of the tub, that I lay down comfortably somewhere with a pad under me, and encouraged me to eat something and nurse. She cleaned up her equipment slowly, gently, and methodically. Then she checked my perineum to see if I needed stitches. Never needed any. Then she gave me a uterine massage which hurt like anything – but she also had a big, round, rice pillow that she heated up in the microwave and it felt heavenly to put it on my belly afterwards. Then she measured, weighed, and went through a bunch of test with baby. She insisted on staying for at least 4 hours afterwards just to ensure I wasn’t bleeding too much our having excessive pain, and had to call in the birth to whoever the authorities are.

    That about sums up what I remember!
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    I was in the hospital with a traditional OB. I was stitched up and she delivered the placenta. I did not get any pitocin, but she did push on me and I believe she pulled on the cord to get it to come out more quickly. I was busy holding Zoe, so I didn't really pay much attention to what she was doing. I do remember the stitching b/c it hurt.

    After that, I was checked a few times by nurses, but they just looked, no one poked at me. They checked the stitches, not my butt. They came in every so often to help me to the bathroom.
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