Preaching to the choir

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Preaching to the choir

But I thought this was a really good article to see:

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That is a good article. Even though most of us here know all of this, it's so good to remind ourselves by reading good things like this....It helped me last pregnancy and has been helping me this one as well.

I thought it was interesting about the fundal height and the fingers at the top of the fundus during a contraction. I know it's not a sure sign, but definitely another interesting way to see if things may be progressing during labor!

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This is what I like about going with a midwife this time. I was checked a few times throughout my pregnancy with my son, this time the MW said there was no reason to unless there was a problem later on or if I was overdue. Good enough for me Smile

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I didn't realize the fundus rises as you progress, that is counterintuitive, but super neat. I will try to keep an eye on it this time. Also, smell? How neat. And weird.

With DS the OB checked me at 35 weeks and I was already 3cm. I didn't go to the hospital for anther 3 weeks(ish). The anticipation killed me. Instead of soaking up my last 2 weeks I was in a constant state of, "Is it now?" "Now?" ".......NOW!?"

I'm looking forward to trying it with the midwife and not knowing how dilated I am.

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Very good article. I found this link in the comments section. It is a really good companion article and a little snarky (which I love).

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LOVE! my whole BB just did a little survey and out of nearly 30 responses ONE other person said they'd refuse a check until really necessary. and several asked why someone would refuse. With my DD i did get checked, and it was good because of several things, but that was a unique situation and i think its totally unneeded this time around. when the baby falls out, thats when i'd like to find out that i'm dilated.

what gets me is that almost all of them KNEW there was almost no correlation between dilation and time until delivery, but somehow thought knowing was better. hmmmm. i admit it did help me schedule when i'd be done working, but with that previous knowledge under my belt i'll just keep working until the baby pops out or 40 weeks (my boss is insecure with me taking off on her suddenly to give birth LOL)