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Thread: Prenatal Chiropractic?

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    Go for sure! I go every month all the time no matter if I'm pregnant or not, our whole family goes once a month so I'm there anyway. But if it wasn't a regular thing for our family, I'd totally start at least in my 2nd tri anyway when I just start feeling "fuller" (is that the right description LOL) and more uncomfortable! I just had my monthly appt last week and he got my hip popped back in place, I didn't really know it was out I was just feeling uncomfortable in my left hip but nothing major or at least I didn't think it was until it was gone and I realized I'd been moving specifically to avoid putting pressure on that side. I feel soooo much better and as this pregnancy goes on I'll start seeing him more often as I need to. And shortly after LO is born, he/she will be in there getting adjusted too <3 my chiro!

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    I started seeing a chiro at the end of my first trimester with my first pregnancy, and before that with my second. My chiro was my best friend both pregnancies LOL

    One side benefit of chiro care... It helps normalize blood pressure
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