Preston's 2mth appt & thrush ?

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Preston's 2mth appt & thrush ?

Just wanted to post an update on Preston here...

Preston had his well check today. He's 13lb 1oz (was 6lb 13oz at birth) and 24 inches long. He's about the same size as my daughter was at 4mths old :eek:.

I had noticed a small white spot at the corner of his mouth, almost thought it was an oddly placed sucking blister but pedi said it looked like yeadt. She said it was probably the ealiest case of thrush she ever caught so now we are both being treated. She gave us a rx for Nystatin; I'm also looking into genetian violet & grapefruit seed extract. Anyone with info on those?

His colickyness has settled down a bit. We stopped the Zantac after a week or so on it (he was getting such bad gas on it that I felt like we were trading one problem for another -- the reflux wasn't so bothersome to him, but he HATES gas!). I've been limiting dairy (no cheese, yogurt, milk, etc but not really watching ingredients). The pedi thought I should try to be stricter and see how he does. Bugger, but if it helps him then I'm all for it. She also said most with dairy sensitivity are also sensitive to soy so I'm trying tyo avoid that as well.

He got 2 shots. I'm waiting on rotavirus until I read up a bit on it. Was surprised when that one was mentioned because they didn't give it when dd was young. He has to have it by 14 w 6d if we're giving it to him, so I'll have to make a vaccine only appt.

Anyhoo, overall he's doing well.

Here's a recent pic:

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Yeah for growth. That is how Hawkes grew and it continued for a long time. As to the trush my advice would be to go straight to the grapefriut seed exstract. We battled thrush for six months. I did nystatin, diflucan, gentian violet and the only thing that worked was the exstract and it worked fast. Also between that and the colic I would make sure he is taking a probiotic since yeast can recollenate itself from the gut. In fact with Hawkes he was also really gassy and fussy, but once we got the yeast out of his system all f that went away. It funny she said it was a youg case since Hawkes started even earlier with it, at only a few weeks, but I did have a YI when I gave birth.

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She meant earliest as in it was just one tiny spot in the corner is his mouth, not his age.

I think I'll go pick up some GSE this afternoon.

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Glad you caught the thrush because that can cause really painful BF'ing. He is soooo cute!

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I actually squealed out loud when that picture come on my screen. SO cute!!

Glad you caught the infection early...hope you're able to nip it in the bud!

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So is that what your fever is from then? At least you don't have mastitis.

As for a rotovirus vax, I'd love one of those for myself! I've had it twice this school year and I hate vomiting. I know nothing about it but will read up on it too. If it's tested and considered pretty safe and effective, I would definitely do it for Liam since he will most likely be in a daycare center housed within an elementary school building at 6 mos old and exposed to way more stuff than Zoe was.