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Thread: Pretty OT: hair coming out very easily?

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    Well, I took DD to the doc today, and she had a good thorough exam- and was pronounced the picture of health. Doc said she probably is just tough when it comes to her head for some reason. She was willing to do blood work if I insisted, but, she said based on Beni's coloring and overall health, she's absolutely sure she's not anemic. She did write her a script for de-worming meds, so we'll do that, and see if anything changes. She pulled on Beni's hair herself and said that to her it seemed like normal resistance... her cousin must be pulling REALLY hard.

    The doc definitely took me seriously, and looked very concerned as I explained all the things that were worrying me... but after the exam she was all confidence that Beni is totally I came away feeling good, and not worried. I'll take her to a ped in the States for her 2 year check up (in two months), and I'll bring stuff up again then if I need to, and see if they handle it any differently...but for now, I'm satisfied, that she's ok. Thanks for all the support!
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    Quote Originally Posted by momW View Post
    I have no idea but man, that seems like a lot of hair to lose. I would probably talk to a dr as well just to be safe.
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    I'm glad the doctor said that everything looked good. It totally seems like a lot of hair to loose from the looks of that pic. Hopefully she is just shedding some of her baby hair to make way for her big girl hair. Again, I'm glad all is well.
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