Pubic discomfort

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Pubic discomfort

So last time I was pregnant I had pubic pain all the time near the end of the pregnancy, but this time around I haven't had it at all until a few days ago. I only feel it when I'm sleeping or lying on my side. Without a pillow or a small pillow between my legs makes it worse and if I put a bigger pillow in between by legs it helps. Weird.... I'm not sure what to think. Anyone had this before?

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I have found that Chiropractic helps me immensely with this. It's just ligament stuff, and really common from the weight of the uterus/the hormone relaxin.

I also use arnica directly on the affected area, which helps Smile

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Yeah I second the chiro. It really does help. I also notice it more if I am not wearing my support or any other support structure.

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Yes I have this. With my first it was absolutely horrible. This time it's kind of like you described. It's not that strange, because the pubic bone has a joint right in the middle, the symphysis pubis, and with all the relaxin hormone and ligament strain it kind of makes sense to feel discomfort there. I have to do the pillow, too. i have never been to a chiro for anything, but sounds like others have had success with it.

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I'll second all the above! Wear a support to avoid stressing that joint, sleep with a pillow between your legs, and see a chiropractor if it gets bad.

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With this last pregnancy, I had pubic pain from about 12 weeks on. At 24 weeks it was so bad I couldn't take it anymore. I was referred to an obstetric physical therapist and he gave me a few stretches to do and it completely realigned itself. Turns out the right side had slipped downward so I was all out of alignment. I would totally go to a PT or chiropractor -- it was amazing how much better I felt afterwards.

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I had pubic pain the whole last trimester of my last pregnancy. For me, sleeping with pillows between my legs and behind my back really helped. Also prenatal yoga worked wonders in reducing daytime pain.

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ITA about a chiro! Ask around and find one with lots of experience dealing with pregnant women. S/He will fast become your best friend;-)