Pure nosiness. LOL. 4th+ birth?

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Pure nosiness. LOL. 4th+ birth?

I'm just being nosey. I'm curious, if you have more than 3 children, how your 4th birth went?

I've heard that the 1st is the hardest. Mine was very difficult. I've heard that the 2nd is usually much much easier and faster than the first. Mine was. I've also heard that the 3rd tends to be the wild card...mine totally was!

Now, this is where I'm curious. I've heard that the 4th tends to revert back to what the 2nd was, meaning easier. How did your 4th birth go? Smile

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My First was awful. But it was with an A-hole OB who left the HOSPITAL when I was dilated to a 9 1/2. Labor with number one was 11 hours at hospital. (I was 37 weeks)

Second labor was a piece of cake. Two hours from first contraction (I have prodromal labor so I was already at a six) to baby coming out. No tears, no drugs, and over all just a nice birth. (36.5 weeks with MW)

Number three was very much like number two. Except it was a couple of hours laboring at home and a couple of hours laboring at the hospital. I was relaxed and actually joking and laughing most of the time. The baby was early, but by then we knew that was how my body pretty much did things, so we were prepared, and for being a pre 36 weeker (35 weeks 4 days) he did awesome and never went to nicu or anything. (he was delivered by a midwife) It was really the picture perfect birth other than him being so early.

Number four was horrid lol.
I was 38.5 weeks, which included almost a month of prodromal labor. I was happy he "cooked" longer, but having cx everynight from 8pm to 2am wears a person out.
He also had a pretty long for me labor (8 hours at the hospital) and I had reached the end of my limits, and when I was told I was only at an eight- I asked for an epidural (all my other births were 100% drug free) My MW convinced me to give it another 15 min and the very next cx I pushed the poor guy out. I went into shock afterwards and it was a few hours before I stopped shaking and could think clearly.
His labor was so disappointing that I almost want to have one more kid so I dont end a very nice labor carrer on such a negative note.

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First birth was 16 minutes start to finish, second was three days, so don't go by me. Blum 3

My SIL's first birth was 5 hours & pretty easy, her second was 4 hours & difficult, her third (just this past weekend) was 3 hours & really rough. She was pretty much in transition from the moment her water broke, vomiting & shaking & having 90-second contractions every two minutes, she got an epidural -- which actually slowed down her labor, LOL -- which eased the vomiting & shaking and she was able to let her body do the pushing, 9.5 pound baby with no tears. Not sure if she's going to attempt a fourth. :eek:

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I've only had two, but my 2nd was significantly easier than my first.

My mom's 4th was probably her easiest, though he was 42 weeks and had meconium staining. Her first was an induction for PROM at term (sound familiar?). She got an epidural and ended up with forceps and an accompaning episiotomy (I think epidurals 28 years ago may have resulted in more frequent "not being able to push" issues than the ones they have now). Her second also started with SROM, she was able to get labor started without drugs this time, but she followed the advise to go to the hospital right away when your water breaks, so she was at the hospital too long and I think she got a shot of narcotics. With her third she had really intense prodromal labor, was at about 42 weeks, and her CNM gave her a "morphine induction." Once again, she was at the hospital too long. WIth her 4th, she stayed home as long as possible--she wasn't sure if it was prodromal labor or not, and my dad was at work and thought it was probably prodromal labor, so he took his time getting home, so she was not at the hospital very long and had a natural birth.

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I only have 3 so far.

First, induction. ROM, and pit, got an epi at 5cm. could not feel to push, so she was helped out with the vaccume. Very little tearing, like 2-3 stitches. Total labor time was 7.5 hours.

second, induction. ROM and pit again no pain meds. She was in distress and OP so I ended up with an episiotomy. total labor was 3.5 hours.

third, went into labor on my own (yeah) Contractions never got closer than 5-7 min apart. Labor was "easy" compaired to the pit. Transition was only 2 really long contractions. Water broke while pushing, baby was born 2 pushes after ROM. He came out really fast so I tore pretty bad. From first contraction to birth was only 6 hours, however I didn't know I was in labor at that point, lol. Only labored in the hospital for 2 hours.

When I have a 4th I hope its a lot like my 3rd. Best birth yet.

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LOL...so basically it's an "anything goes" type deal. Hahaha. Well, a girl can hope. Hopefully this will be like #2. A less than 3 hour labour and 2 pushes. Smile

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My first birth was fairly easy 5.5hrs, 2nd birth was twins - short of the epidural at the end which made it hard to push them out it was also fast & relatively easy & was also 5.5hrs, 3rd birth was 14 or so hours & was a cytotec pit induction & it sucked, 4th & 5th births were 3.5 and 3hrs and were my two easiest births. But you know I never have been one to follow anything 'typical' so I am probably not a good example lol

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(coming out from lurking mode lol)

My first was all day bh, 4 hours after water broke, 2 hrs of that pushing he was born. No meds, no tears but very sore!!

My second was all day bh, woke up around midnight with contrax 3 mins apart but not feeling like it was active labor yet. He was born less than 5 hours later, quick, easy, no meds, no tears felt great afterwards, like I had never given birth! It was wonderful!!

My third, I noticed a slow leak around noon, labor picked up by 1:30 and he was born at 2:45pm. Very quick labor. but contrax seemed more painful. Probably because my water broke and labor progressed much more quickly than my first 2. Again no meds and no tears but was a tad sore.

My fourth, I had bh all day. At 7pm contrax were 3-5 min apart. by 8pm I knew I was in active labor and she was born an hour later. No tears no meds. Contrax were easy to handle because water didn't break but I did have back labor. Again a tad sore but not as much as the 3rd.

So my 2nd was my easiest. I guess my 4th was followed, then 3rd then 1st. I have to admit the only reason my 1st was my "worst" was because of recovery. If it was labor my 3rd would have to be worse than my 1st. I think fast labors are harder. So I guess I follow the normal pattern lol

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Hi, Emily!

Mine all got progressively faster and easier-- and my 4th was the fasest/easiest. Lexi just flew out.

You'll do great! I've heard that the 3rd is the wild card, but that once you're over that hump...the 4th and more tend to go more smoothly. I'm so excited for you!

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Easy peasy. Of course he was my first homebirth. Don't know how much of a connection there is, but interesting none the less.