Question for Hypnobabies moms

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Question for Hypnobabies moms

I used HB with DS and I am starting to listen to the CDs and practice it again now, but I lent the book to a friend of mine and she lost it. I'm not too worried about it since I did it before and the book was less useful for me than the CDs, but I can't remember what order to listen to the tracks in. Can someone who has the book tell me please? It just doesn't seem worth buying a whole new set just for that.

I am surprised by how quickly it comes back. I was able to get into hypnosis pretty easily on the first try. It took a while to get the hang of it the first time around.

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my book is loaned out to AnnaRO right now, maybe she'll get on and be able to answer Smile

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Mine is at home right now so I'll let you know when I can. Honestly I did my own order for listening to the tracks this time and focused on the ones that I felt I connected with more last time. Hypnotic childbirth 1 & 2, deepening, and affirmations were my main ones. I think special place is the first one and I only listened to that one once and never went back.

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Christa, your book should be arriving at your house sometime this week. You are too awesome for letting me borrow it. And thanks to Joy, I still have all the info so I can still answer this!

Week 1
Monday - Special Place (disc 1)
Tuesday - Painless Childbirth
alternate those two all week

Week 2
Monday - Learning Hypnosis
Tuesday - Fear Release

Week 3
Monday - Creating Anesthesia
Tuesday - Deepening

Week 4
Monday - Hypnotic Childbirth 1
Tuesday - Deepening

Week 5
Monday - Hypnotic Childbirth 2
Tuesday - Deepening
Sunday - Fear Release

Week 6 and beyond
Monday - Special Place
Tuesday - Deepening
Wednesday - Hypnotic Childbirth 1
Thursday - Painless Childbirth
Friday - Deepening
Saturday - Hypnotic Childbirth 2
Sunday - Fear Release

Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations - Daily

During Birth
Birthing Day Affirmations
Easy First Stage
Pushing Baby Out

Someone will correct me if I messed that up, but I think I got it right.

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Thank you anna!!!

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Make sure you are doing your finger drop practice during week 2. Smile You then need to do finger drop with center switch after week 3.