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Quick Introduction

Hi Ladies - I know a few of you here, but I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Kristin, mom to Jacob (3.5 years), Rheneas (21 months) and a new baby on the way, due in May 2012. I have had 2 epidural births that I have been rather unhappy with and I'm hoping for a natural birth for my third child. I am working with a midwife this time around instead of my family doc and ob combo. I am hoping this will be the extra support I need.

Looking forward to getting to know people here and hopefully learning some more information on how to prepare for the birth I want to have.

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Hey, I know you! Welcome and congrats on baby #3! I hope you find just what you are looking for to have a birth experience you will be satsified with!

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Congrats on baby #3! Hope you are able to have a great birth experience this time.

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So glad to see you over here Kristin! I am confident you can have the natural peaceful birth you want this time around! Getting a midwife on board is the first step! Smile You will learn a lot from this board, it is a great resource. A good book to start with is Ina May's Guide to Childbirth.

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congrats on #3! this is a great place for support and resources :)!

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Hi Kristin! Welcome to the board and HH9M to you! I hope you get the natural birth that you so desire!!

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welcome to the board! looking forward to being part of your journey towards a healing and empowered birth!