Random pp bleeding question

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Random pp bleeding question

feel like I should know the answer to this, but...
if I don't have any tearing or anything, can I use a tampon?

just getting irritated with the pads...

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I've always heard not to. I think there are concerns that they could increase the risk of infection.

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I've always been told no too. I'm totally not a pad lover so the pp junk kills me.

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I've always been told and heard that it is a huge NO NO no matter what happened with birth because the infection rate is too high. I know what you mean though. With DS2 I wanted to use them so friggen bad, especially since my bleeding lasted for like 4 weeks, not heavy but enough that I had to use a pad. But yeah tampons can greatly increase the risk of infection to those sensitive healing tissues. If you tear or not the tissues do receive some damage.

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I was told no tampons until after my 6 week PP appointment.

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Not sure if you can get these where you are but I use the Always Ultra Thin's and that helps a lot - either way it's unpleasant & you get sore from wearing a pad for so long but at least you don't feel like you have a boat between your legs.

Sorry Mama. I sympathise!

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the Earth Momma Angel Baby Momma Bottom Balm works wonders for sore skin and chaffing too. I still use it every month with pad chaffing


my mom uses it for hemroids, DH used it with bad diarehea (yes this is the TMI page), I've used it on the kids. It's a staple in our medicine cabinet.