Rescue Remedy Flower Essence?

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Rescue Remedy Flower Essence?

So this is one of the items on my birth supply list that isn't in my birth kit but I'm supposed to have on hand. I went to our local Sprouts today and tried to look, asked for help, but didn't find the kind I needed.

Does anyone else have experience taking it? Did you find it helped at all? I'm not educated with herbs/homeopathic remedies but I know my HB midwives are and I'm having a hard time waiting 2 weeks until my home visit to ask Smile

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I didn't use it in labour but tried it for ppd. It didn't do a thing for me. I don't know if it would be different in labour or not. I know a few women who swear by it for labour, but then I know a few women who swear by it for ppd too.

Sorry, that was complete unhelpful, just my experience.

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well the cream is supposed to do wonders for the "ring of fire" during labor and i got it to try but was pushing before i thought about applying it and didn't think about it afterward. I've been takings the oral stuff since and i can't really say that its helping or not since i can't compare it to the same situation just without it. I think alot of it is just a reassurance thing.. if you think/know it will work then it will and vice versa.. Mind over matter kind of thing. but that's just my take on it. I do have to say that I am feeling great and have had no problems (besides hemi's) getting up and moving around or with depression.

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I used it during labor and in my immediate postpartum period. My doula was pouring it into me Smile My 2nd midwife was also giving me homeopathic chamomile. I don't think that it helped me at all in labor, and can't really say that it helped me afterwards, either.

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I don't know about specifically for labor, but I've used it when emotional things get overwhelming, or I get very stressed, and it has helped in the past.

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My midwife gave me some flower essences, but not Bach's Rescue Remedy, during labor. She carries a set of about 18 vials of different essences & will mix & match for exactly what you need at that moment. I know she gave me something at one time that helped me get some sleep, and another when I was refusing to eat anything, and when we were getting ready to transfer, she gave me one for "acceptance." I think they helped, I slept, I ate, and I was OK with the transfer. Would I have slept, eaten, and been OK iwth transferring without the flower essences? Maybe, eventually, but the fact that I wasn't sleeping or eating enough to concern her makes me wonder.