Research review on hypnosis for childbirth

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Research review on hypnosis for childbirth

A meta-analysis of selected studies on hypnosis for childbirth found that women who used hypnosis were:

51% less likely to use drugs for pain relief (38% of the hypnosis group used pain meds, compared to 74% in the control group)

70% less likely to have their labors augmented (11% in the hypnosis group were augmented, compared to 70% in the control group)

67% more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal delivery (no induction or c/s)


Despite it being a meta-analysis, the sample sizes are still kind of small, and I imagine that any type of childbirth preparation would result in a reduction in interventions compared to the norm, but these stats are still pretty impressive sounding.

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing Brittany!