On the road to a VBAC...

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On the road to a VBAC...

I got this yesterday afternoon:


We are soooo excited! This was our first cycle TTC #2! Not telling anyone yet since it's so early (we'll probably wait until we hear a heartbeat). What an amazing birthday/Christmas present!

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Wow congrats!!!!

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Congratulations! Good luck on the VBAC. I just VBA2C'd a couple months ago and it was amazing!

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Congrats! I'm headed for my second Vbac, so I'll be rooting for you. Smile

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Congrats! I'm happy your on your road to a VBAC!

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Thanks ladies :-). We're very excited, and I'm thankful to be able to talk to people who have been through this!

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That's so exciting! Congaratulations!! I've never had a c-section but I have a real soft spot for VBAC mama's after being there for my SIL & what she went through with her military insurance in fighting for hers. It was a real eye opener for me. Here's to a wonderful 9 months & a wonderful birth to follow :giveflower:

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Congrats, and good luck!

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Congrats on your BFP and I wish you the best with your VBAC!

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