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Thread: ROLL CALL!!!!

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    Default ROLL CALL!!!!

    Hey ladies! I figured it has been a long time since we have done this and I know there are some new women that have joined the board so let's do a simple get to know/ roll call.

    How many kids do you have:
    Reason for joining Natural Birth:
    Favorite place of birth:
    Good thing about life right now:
    Bad thing about life right now:
    DS1-7/18/08, DS2-2/23/10, DS3 1/18/12

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    in a house full of boys


    Name: Krista
    Age: 24
    Pregnant/nursling/TTC/etc: I have a 8 month old nursling. Wont be thinking of TTC until 2014
    How many kids do you have: 3 boys
    Reason for joining Natural Birth: My first birth was very much medical, over due, induced, epi, miserable. I knew there had to be a better way of birth and so I found natural birth. My second was unmedicated in the hospital spontaneous labor at 39 weeks but still not what I really wanted. Number 3 was a home birth with a midwife.
    Favorite place of birth: My favorite was my home birth by far.
    Why: It was such an amazing, intimate, and peaceful experience. It was just what I wanted in a birth and I loved that no one bothered me and just let me deliver my baby. I was the first to touch my son and hold him. It was such an awesome experience.

    Good thing about life right now: I have found some awesome friends recently, though they are cyber friends, they are still awesome.
    Bad thing about life right now: Finances suck.
    DS1-7/18/08, DS2-2/23/10, DS3 1/18/12

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    I forget.


    Name: Jackie
    Age: 29
    Pregnant/nursling/TTC/etc: pregnant
    How many kids do you have: 1
    Reason for joining Natural Birth: planning a VBAC for November!
    Favorite place of birth: Uhhhh....definitely NOT where I had my son!!!
    Good thing about life right now: Recently found out that we will NOT be moving this winter - such a relief! We just got here in March, so I look forward to getting to know people better now that I'm not completely transient.
    Bad thing about life right now: I'm really over my husband being in training (military). It's been over 2 years now since this started. I really hate that right after this baby is born DH is leaving for 2 weeks. I know it could be way worse (he'll be here for the birth!), but he wasn't able to take time off after DS was born and we're just going to repeat that again this time. *sigh*

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    Name: Mel
    Age: 33
    Pregnant/nursling/TTC/etc: nursing my 21 month old & TTC
    How many kids do you have: 2
    Reason for joining Natural Birth: Started off with being terrified of an epi and my research led me to believe that a natural birth was the best alternative, took Hypnobabies with an instructor and never looked back!
    Favorite place of birth: Both births have been in the birthing center at the hospital
    Why: gives DH comfort to be in a hospital, but gets me the hands off birth I want
    Good thing about life right now: excited that we are TTC, getting along really well with DH, my toddlers are adorable/sweet lately
    Bad thing about life right now: having to work & slightly worrying about finances since I'll be a SAHM after #3 is born. Oh and this irrational fear that I'm going to have twins when I do get pregnant! ha ha

    Ethan - June 21, 2009
    Olivia - December 5, 2010
    5w3d - October/November 2012

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    Name: Erin
    Age: 30
    Pregnant/nursling/TTC/etc: Nursing DD & waiting VERY impatiently to TTC
    How many kids do you have: DD, Teagan, 2 next week!
    Reason for joining Natural Birth: I'm not sure if you mean the board or NCB in general. I joined to board for support in my NCB with DD. I decided on NCB way back before TTC her. I wanted to do everything I could to avoid a c/s and not expose my baby or myself to unnecessary medications. Now its also about experiencing that transcendental feeling again.
    Favorite place of birth: I've only birthed at the local birth center and its pretty awesome. I'm thinking about a HB for next time.
    Why: I'm really lucky to have a really awesome birth center in town. I never had to fight for anything I wanted. I never had to explain myself. I also really love the community that surrounds the birth center.
    Good thing about life right now: I just passed my written comprehensive exam for my PhD!!!
    Bad thing about life right now: DH and I are not on the same page about TTC.
    DD Teagan 9/25/10
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    SShhhhhhh, we're not FB official.

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    Pregnant/nursling/TTC/etcffically ttc#3 in January
    How many kids do you have:2
    Reason for joining Natural Birth:My first 2 births were medicated in the hospital and not what I really wanted. I finally talked dh in to going with a birth center for #3
    Favorite place of birth:not the hospital
    Good thing about life right now:Growing closer to dh after talking about planning #3
    Bad thing about life right now: dh stressing about finances

    Joshua- 04/08/08
    Sofia- 06/10/09
    11/2012, 12/2012, 2/2013

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    Name: Mara
    Age: 32
    Pregnant/nursling/TTC/etc: Nursing my 3 mos old son, hope to TTC/have another baby in 2014.
    How many kids do you have: 2- the 3 mos old and an almost 2.5 year old daughter
    Reason for joining Natural Birth: I joined when I was expecting my first, and planning my first natural birth!
    Favorite place of birth: Well, one birth was in the hospital, and one was at my dad's house. My Dad's was definitely better, but, still not quite as good as a MY home home birth.
    Why: I loved being able to get back into my own bed, have a shower in my own shower, have my whole closet full of clothes available, not to mention all the baby stuff, as well as having my husband, daughter, mother (and a few other people) around to help and be together.
    Good thing about life right now: DS is showing off his napping skills- 2 hour naps twice a day? YES PLEASE! And I've got 6 weeks of 4 workouts a week behind me, and even though I haven't magically lost a million lbs (not sure I've lost any, but I don't have a scale so I don't know), but I am feeling pretty dang good- and I'm just proud that I'm carrying through on being committed to myself.
    Bad thing about life right now: We are struggling financially which is a constant stress. DH is working way too much, and is always worn out. We're working pretty hard on finding solutions, but it is still very stressful right now.
    Mara & Joel, 2009

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    Pregnant/nursling/TTC/etc:Pregnant, due around October 24
    How many kids do you have:Pregnant with #3
    Reason for joining Natural Birth:I had an epidural with my other two kids and want to go completely drug-free this time. I almost made it last time, but didn't realize it until I was ready to push immediately after the epi was placed.
    Favorite place of birth:Not a teaching hospital like my last two!
    Why:My tears were stitched by residents and took forever. Their protocal had me with a cath for 24 hours after delivery so I had to walk around with a pee bag. Ugh!
    Good thing about life right now:My husband is no longer so busy with work and will be able to be around more when this one is little. We have lots of local family to help out too.
    Bad thing about life right now: I'm a bit stressed out about decorating for a charity event 10 days before my due date. I hope baby boy stays in until afterwards!
    DD1 - Mina (Dec '07)
    DD2 - Charlotte (Jan '10)
    DS - Simon (Oct '12)

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    Name: Mia
    Age: 27
    Pregnant/nursling/TTC/etc: Pregnant! I miss nursing (we nursed to 18 months) and can't wait to do it again!
    How many kids do you have: 1 DD Emma who just turned 2 in August
    Reason for joining Natural Birth: I'd decided early in DD's pregnancy I wanted to go for a natural birth. I am pretty tolerant to pain and am good at focused relaxation/meditation. Plus, I'm always the person that experiences unpleasant side effects to medications, so I wanted to avoid that. Despite being high risk with DD (and this pregnancy) and needing to deliver early, my OB/MW were endlessly supportive of NCB.
    Favorite place of birth:I've only birthed at my local hospital. Being high risk (and having had to have ptl stopped twice) it wasn't really an option, but I was okay with that because of the team I had.
    Why:It worked out great. My water broke at home, I felt okay enough. I got to l&d talking and barely needing to breathe through contractions to hitting transition and pushing within an hour (I had a miserably uncomfortable pregnancy due to ICP 4.5 months of bed rest, and I was in inactive labor for about a week prior to delivery). No one pushed medication in my face/they all knew of my NCB wishes from my previous l&d stints and everyone was supportive of it. At one point while pushing the OB who delivered DD said "there are a thousand ways I can get this baby out faster (took me 45 minutes to push her) but you're both doing great so I'm just going to let you do what your body wants." I loved that!We also had a long discussion about induction and a c/s and my OB said he'd only do a c/s after 2-3 days if nothing happened (assuming baby and I were fine) and I loved that he was concerned about our health and not what was convenient for him.
    Good thing about life right now: Little man is SO active! It's reassuring and I love it. Everything was perfect at my monthly appointment last week.
    Bad thing about life right now: Finances blow and having ICP show up again, and earlier in this pregnancy has been difficult. I just had another blood draw yesterday. We're aiming for 37 weeks to deliver (and I hope I can just go into labor again on my own and avoid induction) but I have this awful feeling he'll need to come earlier then that. :\ I'm also a little stressed about figuring out child care when I start NSTs in 8 weeks.
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    Name: Kristi

    Age: 31

    17 weeks pregnant (due at the end of February)

    How many kids do you have:
    2 - DD1 is 5, DD2 is turning 2 in one week (!!!). This one is our last, so I'm trying to savor it, but I really don't enjoy pregnancy very much.

    Reason for joining Natural Birth:
    I had a natural VBAC with DD2, planning a home birth this time around

    Favorite place of birth? Why?
    Well, I've had a hospital c/s and a VBAC in my car, and of the two I'd pick the car any day. I think I'll be more comfortable at home this time, though. There just wasn't much room in the front seat of the car....

    Good thing about life right now:'s fall!

    Bad thing about life right now:
    I hate being in grad school. I'd like to finish soon!

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