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ROM poll

The thread about the labor times made me curious about people's experience with rupture of membranes.

My membranes don't seem to rupture spontaneously. With #1 I had an AROM at 3cm, #2 SROM with pushing in a 4 minute 2nd stage, #3 AROM at 6cm (precipitous labor, doctor didn't want to get splattered like the time before), #4 AROM at 8cm (I was stuck at 8cm, so we ROM and DD was born 10 minutes later).

What are other peoples experiences? Do some people always rupture before labor starts, or in early/active labor, or not at all?

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With my first, it was an induction and AROM around 3cm to ''speed things up"

2nd- I was 6cm dilated, almost 100% effaced and wasn't progressing after being a 6 for a few hours. Dr broke my water and he was born within 2 hours.

3rd- Had been in labor for almost 7 hours, dilated to 8cm and my contractions started stalling out. Went from 2 min apart to 5mins, to 7 mins, back to 2 mins, etc. He broke my water and DS was born within 1.5hrs.

I've never had SROM but really have nothing against AROM when I'm already effaced and dilated 6+cm. After that things speed up and I get to meet my baby Smile

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With my 1st I had SROM before labor started. Hopefully that won't be the case this time but we will see soon.

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  • AROM at 3 cm (no reason, just part of the induction process)
  • No ROM until after birth (born in the caul)
  • SROM at 7 cm
  • AROM after 5 hours at 8 cm
  • AROM after several hours at 7 cm and a flippy baby who was finally in a good position
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    I was 8 cm dilated and still not in active labor, and not eager to go home, so I let them break my water around noon. 2 hours later, real contractions started, by 6 I was pushing and by 8 he was born.
    I wish we hadn't. I had back labor, which he may have been able to resolve if he had some room to wiggle in there.

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    #1 - My midwife broke my water at 10cm dilated.
    #2 - My water broke before labor started.

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    1. AROM to begin an induction at 3cm. labor started 5 hours later, baby born 5.5 hours after that
    2. SROM 30 hours before labor started. Baby born 2.5 hours later.

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    My water broke about 2 or 3 hours after my contractions started coming regularly enough that I couldn't sleep anymore. After it happened, I pretty much started pushing right away. My doula rushed me to the hospital at that point, because she thought baby was surely going to be coming any minute between SROM and me involuntarily pushing- but when we got to the hospital, I was only 6cm. Labor definitely got way more intense once my water broke.

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    #1 - SROM one day after external version at 36w+5d
    #2 - SROM before labor started at 39w + 1d

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    DD - SROM at 37w5d, born 4 hrs later
    DS - AROM after I had been complete and pushing for short awhile, to see if it would help him come out more easily, and it did.

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    DD-AROM at 2 cm took me to 4 cm and that's where I sat for over 12 hours until c/s. Intensity sky-rocketed the moment they were broken.
    DS-AROM at 9 cm took me to 9.5, but that stubborn lip wouldn't budge... and you know the rest of the story Wink Intensity didn't seem to change much as it was already very intense, but I did feel baby move down into my vagina at that point.

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    I had leaking membranes at 36 weeks with DD, that my m/w felt was 'enough' to induce for after 24 hours with no labour. I laboured for 12 hours on pit before they ruptured the rest of my waters at 1cm. I had DD 4 hours later.

    With DS, I had SROM somewhere around 8cm. It's what made me realize I was in labour - stood up out of bed with a weird crampy feeling and my water started to trickle. Contrax were immediately intense. We called m/w, she was there within 15-20 mins, checked me, and I was 8cm. DS was born about an hour later.

    I don't think my waters will ever 'gush' - I'm short waisted and the babe acts like a drain plug. I suspect I'll always have similar sorts of ROM.

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    With DS, my membranes ruptured up high during pushing and spurted out with each contraction/push. He was born inside the membranes.

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    #1 SROM about 1 hour before contractions actually started
    #2 SROM about 5 mins before little miss was born!

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    With DS my water broke when I was at 9 cm, right after we got to the hospital, during a contraction there was a pop and a gush.

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    Both times I had SROM before labour started.

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    SROM while pushing, though for a while we thought he was going to be born in the caul.

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    #1 SROM before labor started, which ended up being a very long birth

    #2 SROM a few hours before DS was born

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    I had AROM with all 3, can't remember how many cm with each one but it was 3-4 cm for all of them. It works very well for my body to speed things up.
    My mom had SROM with my brother at 34 weeks and didn't deliver him for 3 more days, with me she had AROM sometime during active labor, I was 10 days overdue.

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    With DD I had SROM when i was about 6-7 cm? I'm not really sure. I know i was past 5 but not sure how much as they didn't do checks very often.

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    My water never breaks spontaneously, I'd probably die of shock of it did!

    My first was an AROM after day of inductions in the hospital, to try and get me past 3-4 cm (this was after days of pitocin and cervadil, mind you). That just made everything hurt more and dropped her permanently into a bad position. Good times.

    My second was an AROM at, oh, maybe 5-6 cm to aid with dilation since pitocin eas turned on. The doctor had to try to rupture me several times, my amniotic membrane was so tough the hook wouldn't pierce it Lol

    I seem to make durable amniotic sacs, so a baby rupturing one on their own would be quite a surprise.

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    1. AROM at 6cm to speed things up. I wouldn't do it again for that reason.

    2. SROM in active labour. I had no vag exams for that labour so I don't know dilation.

    3. SROM before labour. Labour kicked in 12 hours later with some help from a breast pump.

    4. SROM in active labour. I was checked to be 5-6cm about 15 minutes after SROM.

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    #1 SROM. no contractions, only 1 cm dilated. GBS positive. Induction, CS after malspositioned baby, swollen cervix, and 23 hours of labor.

    #2 SROM at 8 CM, easy VBAC, 12 hour labor start to finish.

    #3 SROM. Contrax started, then stopped when my kids woke up. No contractions at all. Castor oil induction after 24 hours, baby born almost 24 hours after that.

    I will say that, for me, laboring with ruptured vs. non ruptured membranes is a completely different experience in terms of pain/intensity.

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    DS1: SROM sometime during active labor
    DS2: Accidental AROM when DH wanted to see what dilated felt like. 12 hour labor, pushed 2 times.
    DD: DH AROM a second time because we knew he could and he was off work the next 2 days. Don't judge, I didn't realize the risks involved. Needed pitocin to "speed things up." No epidural. Partial placental abruption. Fever afterward. Very unpleasant.
    DS3: My new DH has no desire to break my water (and me either now I know it can cause major issues) so Derek was SROM 10ish hours after Webster Technique. 6 hour labor. homebirth.

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    Hm, mine was AROM I guess, although my midwife claims she didn't do it on purpose (I would not have consented). It ruptured during a cervical check--I was about 5 cm dilated and had been in active labor for about 18 hours. I had her 6 hours later, although I don't think it was the ROM that did it, since I was still only at 6cm 4 hours after that. It was the blue cohosh. 6 to complete in an hour and a half!

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    with DD I had a slow leak, and my CNM performed an AROM before starting the pitocin

    wtih DS I had SROM when I had a lip of cervix left

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    AROM at 6cm with mild contractions 8 min. apart for the last ... 12 hours? DS was well engaged and the waters had been bulging for over a week. Transition contractions kicked in 10 min after my water broke, the 'urge to push' started about 90 min after that, resisted pushing till OB arrived 30 min later, 2 pushes and we were done. Water ruptured at 6a.m., baby born at 8:12a.m.

    This time, if I stall out in the 6cm area, I want to try squatting, sitting on a birth ball or the toilet or maybe some modified lunges before we move on to the crochet hook. If it is really time to break the membrane I would rather do it without that extra chance to introduce germs.

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    #1 - AROM after 6 hours at 5cm. I went from 5-pushing in 1.5 hours
    #2 - AROM at 10cm because the bag was bulging out when I started pushing. Pushed for 10 minutes
    #3 - SROM at 10cm the first time I pushed. DD was born 1 minute later.

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    For all 3, SROM before labour started, fortunately, since labour started very intensely and was very short on all occasions.

    For DS1 and DD, it was a good gush immediately. For DS2, it was a trickle.

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    Sarah! How did I not know your little one was here?? I don't check this board often enough! Congrats!

    With DS, I had SROM at 39w2d on the toilet (yay, no mess to clean up!) first thing in the morning around 9 am, labor started around noon, DS was born at 6:10 pm. I had been having preterm labor for 4-ish months though, so I was already a good 2 or 2 1/2 centimeters dialated.

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    Doc broke my water at 7cm. 45 mins later I was ready to push.

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    SROM at 38w 6d - contractions started in earnest about an hour later. Labored for 40+ hrs before emergency c-section due to infection. Totally sucked.

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    With DD, I had AROM but I was at 10cm. She was sunny side up and we ruptured membranes to try to get her to turn. Between that and me staying on hands and knees for a good hour or so, she turned.

    With DS, I had a high leak with no progressing contractions for almost 8hrs. My waters never fully ruptured though. My MW asked if I wanted her to break them when I was complete & pushy, but I declined. He was born in the caul.

    So, I guess with both my labors they never really did rupture on their own.

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    I had kind of a special situation with DD- was in labor the night before- but contrax petered out as we headed to the hospital, where i was still at a 4 where i'd been for a week. But instead of sending me home, the Dr had them give me a sleeping pill and keep me. i should have gone home to eat something.

    in the morning i was 6-7 and they suggested AROM even though i was not contracting at all, and silly me consented. i wish i'd have waited until i was at 8 and in active labor, thats my plan for #2 before we do that. So all of my almost 5 hrs of labor was with water broken, and DD was sunny side up too, but nobody suggested i do anything to turn her, just told me to push once i hit 10.

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    Water broke on it's own at 38w4days, labor started within 15 minutes. I dialated to 10cm within 4.75 hours, DS was sunnyside up and took 2.5 hours to push out. total labor was 7hr15min.

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    I started my induction at 6pm and my water broke around 4am. I got an epi around 5/6am and I was around 4 cms then. DD was born shortly after 12pm that day. So 8 hours from water breaking to birth.

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    With DD I had the SROM at 5cm, in active labour.

    With DS, I had a tiny little leak in the car on the way to the hospital (2 hour drive). Then SROM around 4-5cm once we got there (and as someone posted above, also on the toilet! Yah!).

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    DS1 - AROM - it was an induction.
    DS2 - AROM after getting the epi...left him in a bad position. Sad
    DD - SROM before labor started - contractions started 30 minutes later and she was born about 7 hours after that.
    DS3 - SROM (on the toilet too!) before labor started - contractions started 50 minutes later and he was born 6 hours after that.