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    Default ROM poll

    The thread about the labor times made me curious about people's experience with rupture of membranes.

    My membranes don't seem to rupture spontaneously. With #1 I had an AROM at 3cm, #2 SROM with pushing in a 4 minute 2nd stage, #3 AROM at 6cm (precipitous labor, doctor didn't want to get splattered like the time before), #4 AROM at 8cm (I was stuck at 8cm, so we ROM and DD was born 10 minutes later).

    What are other peoples experiences? Do some people always rupture before labor starts, or in early/active labor, or not at all?

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    With my first, it was an induction and AROM around 3cm to ''speed things up"

    2nd- I was 6cm dilated, almost 100% effaced and wasn't progressing after being a 6 for a few hours. Dr broke my water and he was born within 2 hours.

    3rd- Had been in labor for almost 7 hours, dilated to 8cm and my contractions started stalling out. Went from 2 min apart to 5mins, to 7 mins, back to 2 mins, etc. He broke my water and DS was born within 1.5hrs.

    I've never had SROM but really have nothing against AROM when I'm already effaced and dilated 6+cm. After that things speed up and I get to meet my baby
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    With my 1st I had SROM before labor started. Hopefully that won't be the case this time but we will see soon.
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    1. AROM at 3 cm (no reason, just part of the induction process)
    2. No ROM until after birth (born in the caul)
    3. SROM at 7 cm
    4. AROM after 5 hours at 8 cm
    5. AROM after several hours at 7 cm and a flippy baby who was finally in a good position
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    I was 8 cm dilated and still not in active labor, and not eager to go home, so I let them break my water around noon. 2 hours later, real contractions started, by 6 I was pushing and by 8 he was born.
    I wish we hadn't. I had back labor, which he may have been able to resolve if he had some room to wiggle in there.
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    #1 - My midwife broke my water at 10cm dilated.
    #2 - My water broke before labor started.

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    1. AROM to begin an induction at 3cm. labor started 5 hours later, baby born 5.5 hours after that
    2. SROM 30 hours before labor started. Baby born 2.5 hours later.
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    My water broke about 2 or 3 hours after my contractions started coming regularly enough that I couldn't sleep anymore. After it happened, I pretty much started pushing right away. My doula rushed me to the hospital at that point, because she thought baby was surely going to be coming any minute between SROM and me involuntarily pushing- but when we got to the hospital, I was only 6cm. Labor definitely got way more intense once my water broke.
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    #1 - SROM one day after external version at 36w+5d
    #2 - SROM before labor started at 39w + 1d

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    DD - SROM at 37w5d, born 4 hrs later
    DS - AROM after I had been complete and pushing for short awhile, to see if it would help him come out more easily, and it did.

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