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SAHM schedules

I've been adjusting to being a SAHM of 2 now after having been working for the past two years. I've been staying home for 6 months now and I feel at a loss of what to do. Trystan takes up alot of time, and Aria is always running around. I was wondering if those of you SAHM would share your daily schedules with me. Just a basic outline. I feel like I should be doing much more than I am but I'm really not sure what. Aria is 4.5 and mostly entertains herself. She refuses to sit down and work on any sort of academic learning like writing letters and such. I feel like she should be doing this and she did it fine in daycare but won't do it for me. She'll start kindy in the fall but that's a long way off and I want her to be ready. She's a smart kid but has no attention span and its hard to do that stuff with Trystan.

Anyway, if you guys don't mind what sort of schedule (daily/socially/academically) do you keep for your kids.

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Well, I'm only SAHM with one currently, though with baby on the way we've had to rethink our daily routine quite a bit!

Monday, Wed, Friday:
Jayde is up and ready for the day about 8:30-9am usually I flake out and beg for five more minutes of sleep and throw on a cartoon or something to get me to 9:30am... I know I'm a horrible mother Blum 3 There's breakfast and the following clean up and that with a lot of nagging on my part usually gets her to about 10:30am. By 11 we're off to shower, do hair, get dressed for school and there is lots of tickle fights, mayhem and loud running about while we get all that done... and usually on a good day its done by 12:30. Then its lunch and grabbing all the things she needs for school that day (sometime show and tell, sometimes just her school shoes). We're out the door by 1:15 and at school by 1:25... she's in class from then till 3:30 in which time I usually bust home clean up and prep a snack and activity for the afternoon. Pick up at 3:30 and if we don't have any shopping or errands to do we're home by 3:45pm and its snack time and then an activity (baking, crafts, coloring, story time, whatever will hold her attention till its time to make dinner) We eat much later because of Hubby's work so I start dinner around 5ish and Jayde gets some more tv and a free for all on toys while I work. Eat dinner at 6-6:30pm and then she gets quality Dad time while Mom does absolutely everything she didn't get done while entertaining the beast! Bedtime is 8:30pm and Daddy is in charge of stories and pj's and teeth brushing, I get to come in get the snuggles and kisses and its back to laundry/dishes/scrubbing toilets. After about 9pm when she's well and truely asleep, I get whatever work-work I need done going, and finish up my chores for the day, relax with hubby and haul my fat preggo butt to bed around... well now! (midnight) all to get up every hour to pee and start all over in the morning!

Tuesday and Thursday:
The same as the other days + 2.5 hours extra of finding stuff to entertain the beast... we usually do bank runs, and grocery shopping then because it gets us out of the house and doing something that isn't watching TV (soooo tempting)

Saturday and Sunday are Family days, we spend it doing things around town as cheap and fun as we can manage. We also visit in-laws, friends and sometimes just walk the malls.

As far as activities go, I try to make games out of things I think should be done, like learning the alphabet and how to write letters, counting games, anything loud and involving her running in circles seems to work great. And while the rather expensive pre-school will take all the credit in the end, she can write her name, and Mommy and Daddy, as well as pick her name out of a list (first, middle and last) and is starting to show the first signs of actually reading and not just repeating back the books we've read a million times. Now if only I could get her to sing the A B C's in order! LOL Honestly I probably wouldn't have put as much time and effort into making sure she could make a decent show at school if it weren't for the fact that my MIL is a British school teacher... like.. frightening with what she expects of my dear little four year old! She actually asked me the other day why I'd not got basic addition clear to her yet... oh and why she couldn't tell time yet! She's only four! *facepalm* needless to say I'm working on that next week... and here I thought potty training was difficult!

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Well, my DD is only almost 2 now, and i am employed part time... also due with #2 in 6 weeks.... so schedule changes as needs change.

8:30 get up- straight to the potty for her, then breakfast, which is always cereal with milk. if i break the cycle she refuses cereal for weeks and demands yogurt, toaster strudle, pop tarts, toast or whatever else she thinks she can get, including candy. so i just give her a choice of cereal if we have a choice.
9 AM depends on the day, sometimes shower (dd will not let me shower alone so its a joint effort, i feel bad locking her out of the bathroom. i'm sure i'll get over that with #2 here) usually Dora for her, sometimes my BIL is visiting and he plays with her for a bit while i get dressed and clean up the house.
10 AM by this time my little native is getting restless. this summer it was usually time to go to the park before it got REALLY hot, or at least for a walk, but if i don't do SOMETHING with her, she's likely to fall asleep again (loves her naps, but will not go to bed) so we like to go outside. sometimes i'll dig out a coloring book and crayons or pop up her play tunnel and clean her room if the weather is not agreeable. IF i go to work and DH is home she will go to sleep every time ... and so will he.
11- past time for a "h'nack" (snack for those of us who can pronounce S) or early lunch- again depends on if i have to work later. i usually work afternoons and weekends. this is the perfect time for eggs and toast since we have cereal at real breakfast time and we all love eggs Smile
noon- native is getting restless or tired, mama is losing patience, so now its a toss up, distract for a little while until we nap, cave and nap, clean up the kitchen, head to work, or pack up to go shopping for a bit.

by 3 we're usually finished with whatever we've started and woken up from a nap. time to plan dinner and get it out to defrost, follow DD and clean up her mess as i go, sing the ABC's since she's finally learned to say abc in order, the rest will follow Smile i don't push hard for the academic, i follow her lead, read lots of books, and sing the damn song 45 times if thats what she wants.
4 watch Ellen and accomplish a little cleaning and a little more dancing
5 put on a movie because dinner doesnt sound good yet, and snack on something less than nutritious
7 movie over, make dinner,
8 eat dinner (bad, late mama, no wonder she never goes to bed!)
9 bath and bedtime routine which does NOT wind her down at all...

pray she'll be willing to sleep by the time i'm exhausted at 10/10:30

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We do something every morning, we try to get out the door by 9. We either go to the gym (they have a fabulous childcare program and all sorts of activities for the kids), have playdates with friends, go to our weekly playgroup, or my older 2 have preschool (2 mornings/week). Friday we went to a local museum with friends, other days we hit up the please touch museum or the zoo in nicer weather.

By 12 we get home, and eat lunch.

The bigs go down (we read first) at 1 and sleep till 3:30 or 4. The baby sleeps part of that time. I rest or organize or play on the internet or read or do whatever needs to be done. My husband works from home, so sometimes I run errands while the kids nap.

In the winter, the schedule is a little different as it gets dark by 4.30 here. When the kids wake up we occasionally go to the library or to the gym, more often we take on a craft project or cook something together (they help me prep dinner or we make something specific to their skills). My DH travels a lot, so sometimes we invite one of our friends whose husband also travels over for dinner or go to dinner at their house. We did that this past Wed, with 6 kids 4 and under it was chaotic, but it is nice to have something fun to look forward to on these dark afternoons.

We eat as a family at 6, baths at 6.30, the baby goes to bed by 6:45, the olders get to watch 2 shows on on demand, and we brush/read/bed just before 8. DH and I have date night once a week, and on the weekends we try to set up a home/family night one night, and a night out one night. We love to entertain as it allows us to keep our kids on schedule while seeing friends at the same time. Sundays are open house at my house ~ I cook up a huge something or other and anyone is welcome to eat and watch football with us.

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Our schedule is pretty flexible.

We begin our day between 6:30 and 7am. I put a show on and make breakfast/nurse. After breakfast we pull out a game or colour/paint. We also do a lot of role playing, DD1 (2.5) is very into acting out plays and stories. I make sure to have different accessories hanging around for dress up. Even the cat gets involved. Baby naps midmorning and DD1 and I read or prep lunch together.

After lunch DD1 gets quiet time. I put on music or we sing songs first. She is welcome to keep a book or two with her. She only sleeps about half the time. Baby naps midafternoon.

After quiet/nap time is when we get out of the house. Usually just a walk to the park, my sisters or our own backyard.

Dinner is at 5pm. Bedtime routine begins at 6. Baby in bed by 6:30 and DD1 in bed by 7pm after books/songs/snuggles.

Really, I tailor my day according to DD1 since she needs the routine and the stimulation. DD2 just follows along and basically conforms to our day. It all varies though and each day is a little different. But basically, this is our day. When DH is off work, we have car access and go shopping or a few towns over to visit family.

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Our week days start around 6:30am. Dorothy will wake up when the boys wake up. Which sucks because she rarely takes a nap and turns into a bear by 10 or so. They eat breakfast which is usually cereal. Dylan gets on the bus around 7:05, DH drops Devon off at school around 7:30 (no bus service for the pre-k kids.) Derek wakes up by 8am. Dorothy and D4 and D5 and I try to do the store, or whatever other running around we have to do or Dorothy and Derek watch cartoons or play with toys for like the next 4 or so hours (We break for lunch and I put Derek down around 10-11). I am able to do laundry, dishes, vacuuming or whatever other domestic things need done. At 2, I have to go get Devon. At 2:45, Dylan gets home. Then chaos for the next 3 or so hours while I try to figure out dinner. If it is warm, then they get to go outside in the backyard. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we do the same, except for Dorothy is at preschool from 9am-12 (unless I pack her a lunch, then she can stay until 1) DH gets home around 5:30-6:30 depending on workload/upcoming deadlines. Then we eat, bathe kids, and put them to bed.

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Our schedule is very flexible, the kids wake up anywhere from 6-7am. If it's before 7 they play until breakfast, which I try to have on the table for 7:30am. While the kids are eating I usually make DD1's lunch and make sure her backpack is ready to go. Weekdays DD1 then gets ready for school and is on her bus by 8:30a. I let the younger two play until Josiah starts acting tired anytime between 9 and 10a. During that time I try to clean, go through bills/mail, or do anything else that needs to be done in the house. Once I put DS down for his nap I try to work with DD2 on her school stuff or just make games. There are lots of fun little games we make up with a deck of alphabet flash cards we got at the $ store. She also isn't too interested in writting them but occasionally I can get her too if she's interested that day. I try to read with her then too. Since I have 3, DS' naptime is really the only one-on-one time I get with her each day. Once ds wakes up it's usually time for me to start making lunch and I try to have that on the table by 11:30. I get DD2 ready for school either before or after lunch depending on when I actually do lunch Wink Her bus is at our house at 12:10. If we have errands to run I leave then since pretty much everything is a 30min drive from our house. Otherwise I just wing it. Sometimes I sign songs or nursery rhymes with DS, sometimes I read stories or try to get him interested in some of his toys and I let him have some alone playtime too (well not alone, he's usually in the same room as me, but I'm not directly playing with him) At quarter to 4 I get DD2 off her bus, I go over her school work from the day and address anything I need to that needs to be sent back, send money to school, ect. At quarter after 4 DD1 gets off her bus, I spend a little time going over things from school with her and then I start cooking dinner. After dinner I sit down with DD1 and have her read to me or do her homework with her. Then we do any baths needed that night and get ready for bed. Bedtime is anywhere from 7:30-8:30 depending on how tired everyone is and what time dh is home from work that day (he works until 8 a lot of nights)

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M, W, F:

Breakfast by 8 - we cook breakfast at least 6 days/week. Usually eggs, toast and some kind of breakfast meat. Sometimes breakfast casserole, french toast, etc. If DH is home (he works every 3rd day, so he's home a lot during the days), then he and DS play - mostly pretend firefighter play (DH is a firefighter, so DS is all into it!). It's usually during this time that we try to get out of the house and do something - even if it's just to walk around the mall or Target. Or this is when we have outside playtime if it's not too cold.

Lunch between 11:30 - 12:30. Down for nap by 1:30. Sleeps til 3:30 or 4. This is when DH and DS usually wrestle, go outside or do something very active because there's not much time before bedtime and we need to get the energy out!

Dinner is around 6. Then we try to have him in bed for a video/story by 7:30/8.

On Tuesday/Thursdays, DS is in preschool starting at 9 and we pick him up at 12:45. He eats lunch at school those days, so when we pick him up, we bring him home, read a story or watch a short video and then it's nap time.

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Up between 6:15 and 6:30 most days with DS. Get DD1 out the door to school, bus comes at 7am, but she's 12 so I really don't do much except make sure she has everything she needs and gets breakfast.

DS is 2.5. He doesn't like to sit down and "learn". He's a hands-on, visual kid so I've tailored it to what meets his needs as an active 2 year old boy. He wants to do everything himself, so I let him. He unloads the washer and as we put the stuff in the dryer I tell him things like "Now, we are going to put the red shirt in there!" He learns lots of things just because I include him in everything I do and tell him about it while I'm working and he's helping. When we're cooking he sits in his high chair and we talk about the ingredients, he knows the difference in the smells of some spices. I let him taste stuff as I cook or smell the herbs and tell him what they are. When we go up and down the steps we count them as we go. We've even made a game out of using the floor tiles as sort of a hopscotch game with counting. Whenever we walk past stuff we describe it, red couch, green wall, white door. He thinks it's funny, but I know he's learning because he is beginning to know his colors outside of the things we usually name at home.

He has a morning nap around 9:30 and an afternoon nap around 3. Other than that, we are really flexible. I make him nap when he's tired, it's not up for debate. If he gets old enough to think he doesn't want a nap, he's still going to have quiet time in his room (there's no toys in there). The only time we turn on the t.v. is if I happen to take a shower during the day, he watches t.v. in the bathroom. Around 4 I start making supper.

We keep some things really stable, like morning nap, lunch time is at 11:30 and an afternoon nap, beyond that, we are pretty flexible. My kids aren't old enough though to really need a structured learning time yet.