SERIOUSLY considering a HB

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SERIOUSLY considering a HB

You may have read my other post about BCBS giving me the run around, trying to force me into a hospital birth when I wanted to go to a free standing birth center like I did with my other two kids. I think I'm going to win that fight by the way, but even so...I was creating a back up plan for myself just in case, and I think I might like the back up plan better than my original birth center plan.

I met with a HB midwife this evening to just talk to her, get a feel for her personality, etc. I REALLY liked her! I felt so at ease with her and her assistant. She hugged me when she left like we were old friends. It was really nice! I feel very comfortable with her stats and since I've had 2 very healthy pregnancies with uncomplicated deliveries, both natural, I'm a great candidate for a homebirth.

I guess I'm still stuck on the idea of a birth center because it's what I know, but the birth center is over an hour away and if I do it at home, well...I obviously don't have to go anywhere! That is so appealing. I'm not going to stress over this and I know God will help me make the right decision. I just thought I'd ask your input.

BTW...financially it's about the same whether we go to the bc (if they approve the in-network thing) or do a HB.

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Everyone has a place that they are more comfortable. Personally, I've never had a birth centre birth, so I can't comment (and I'm sure there are differences between birth centres).

However, having had 3 home births, I can say that I haven't a clue what people do after their births anywhere else that could be worthwhile! I mean, at home everyone (kids included), can be around, shower is right there, clothes are right there, your refrigerator and bed are right there - everything comfortable - not to mention baby. As long as you have support people and have set out the general rules (have a room set aside that can be yours to escape to if you need rest or just quiet) then all is well. NO one comes in and out on their schedule, and everything is just... well... normal and relaxed. Can't quite explain it, but can't imagine having it any other way either.

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I think it sounds wonderful for you if you decide to go that route. Especially if you feel comfortable with the midwife. That's a big deal to me and it sounds like you felt like you would be well cared for if she were to do your homebirth delivery.

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Yeah, I certainly did feel like I would be in very good hands with her as my midwife. I had met with another midwife when I was pregnant with my daughter and considering a HB, and I liked her and was planning to go talk with her again for this one, so my husband could meet her and help me decide, but I just feel way more relaxed with this one.

I have intensely LOVED both of my birth center births and the midwives that attended to me. The only thing I didn't like, that a homebirth would remedy, was after the birth, I've always been on someone else's time table. It was hard to relax and rest afterward because I was rushed into showering and had to leave by a certain point. The thought of just snuggling up in the bed with my baby and not having to go anywhere is intensely appealing to me! I realized last night that the care I received in the birth centers weren't any different than what I'll receive here at home. The only real difference is they already had a relationship with a hospital should transfer have been necessary. I guess I could find back-up care to take care of that.

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I think it's a great option for you and the feeling of comfort and ease you had with the midwife says a lot. For me it would be a huge stress reliever to not have to drive an hour to get to the birth center and I agree being able to be on your own time frame is an awesome plus.


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If I were in your position I would go the home birth route also. I have never had a home birth but I think it would be amazing. My DH is not too keen on the idea of a home birth cause he is concerned about complications and being too far from the hospital, so we are going the hospital route again (did that with our first 3). I still do it all naturally, and have a midwife, but am just at a hospital instead of at home. If I could have my current midwife come and do a home birth for me, I would go that route...if DH was on board.

If your DH is on board and financially it would cost the same as the birth center that is an hour away, I would definitely choose the home birth. Especially since you felt so comfortable and at ease with the midwife you met with. Good luck with what you decide!