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Shauna! (AkMomma07)

So it's a boy! What does Kostas think of that??? Very cute picture of him with the ultrasound .
Stay well!

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Yep! Marek Joshua. Kostas is happy after the initial surprise. The entire rest of the day after the U/S he would randomly say "Are you sure there is a penis and not a vagina in there?" LOL! He made sure to tell me that for the next baby, he wants a sister. But he has started making plans for him and his little brother. He told us that for the baby's first Halloween he wants to dress up as Boba Fett and the baby as Yoda (both from Star Wars). I think knowing the gender has helped Kostas connect more with the baby and made it seem more real vs abstract. He is going to be an awesome big brother! Smile

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Awww! Glad he wasn't too stubborn for y'all to find out Wink