some random news that i'm excited about.

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some random news that i'm excited about.

Totally random but it makes me super excited, DH has a good friend, female but in her 50's, lol, and I have sense became pretty good friends with her, we had dinner with them tonight and I asked her if she would be part of my support team when we have our next baby. DH is my main support but he felt he had too much responsibility on his shoulders last time, if we go with the midwives at the hospital that's 45 minutes away my mom doesn't know if she will be able to be there so I wanted to make sure I had some other support. So I asked her, she had all her baby's natural including a set of twins, and she said she would be ecstatic and honored. Smile I'm so happy! My mom wanted all her's natural but situation arose that she couldn't have all natural BUT she is ingrained in the medical field too so she thinks very medically minded. My friend is very natural minded and it would be great to have her there as well. I guess we'll see what happens. I think she is excited as me because as we were leaving she told me to call and tell her as soon as we get pregnant again. lol.

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That is great news! Its always so exciting to find like minded people to share special experiences with.