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Somewhat relived

So I know I mentioned before that my Dr and OB wants to induce me early, and I am planning to decline. Well, I have since heard that my Dr is a huge drug pusher (he doesnt think any woman should labor without an epidural). This really made me nervous as we are obviously not on the same page about how labor should go.

Well, this weekend I met the head maternity nurse from our hospital at a kids party. When I told her of my worries she assured me that my OB is actually a pretty good guy for a natural birth and even if I need an induction he starts out with really gentle ones. She didnt know much about my Dr in labor (he is relatively new) but she did say that he has the most experience in town with neo-nates so if anything goes wrong with baby he is the best to have on hand.

But the most reassuring thing she told me, was that if I write out a birth plan, to make sure I give it to the nurses when I go in and they will so their best to make sure it is followed, remind the Dr of my wishes in the heat of the moment, etc. This made me feel much better, cause a few things I want, like delayed cord cutting and immediate skin to skin, I know I wont be able to advocate for myself in time for them to happen if the Dr forgets or disregards my wishes.

Anyways, that was a bit of a book, but I just had to express my feelings about this news and DH is away Smile

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That is great news! It's good to know you'll have people on your side. Smile

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That's definitely a relief! Especially because you're totally right...advocating for yourself in the heat of the moment is nearly impossible. A good team is so important.

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That's great!

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I'd feel some major reassurance, too! Smile YAY!