spotting??? (TMI i'm sure)

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spotting??? (TMI i'm sure)

Hey ladies --

First -- I'm in touch with my midwife... don't worry & I'm going to see her tomorrow and probably get an ultrasound to check on the tyke...

Here it goes... TMI I'm sure... I had some spotting yesterday evening that went through my panties on to my shorts... but not a lot. Called my midwife, was put on bedrest for today... it the lightest shade of pink occasionally on the tissue when I wipe and maybe a drop of red here or there... but nothing that would put up a red flag to head into the hospital. My midwife said it was potentially some dilation or it could be placental. Baby is great, lots of movement and I have no other symptoms... bp was 116/71 when I took it this morning. I have not lost my mucus plug... at least I know what that looks like. LOL!

here's my question: have you ever managed with this before (I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow or tuesday depending on who you ask...) and what was the outcome? How concern should I be??


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I had some spotting off and on with my second from about 34 weeks till I had him. It didn't become consistent until I had a membrane sweep at 39 weeks. If it gives heavier or there is pain involved that's when I would worry.

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Jen, I'm not sure, but I am going to pray that all is well, and there is nothing to be concerned about. {{{HUGS}}}

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thanks girls... just FYI --- all is assumed to be ok. I saw my MW... they sent off labs to rule out BV and yeast infection and I had an u/s. The baby, placenta, and cervic all look great so it's assume to be cervical in nature. I had an internal exam and I'm 1 cm dialated, soft and she thinks I'm spotting as I start to dialate. Crazy! No restrictions but to just keep and eye on it. Jen