Spreading the word about VBACing
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Thread: Spreading the word about VBACing

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    Default Spreading the word about VBACing

    I am not a quiet person and I'm also not a bashful person. I have no problems telling the very intimate details about any of my births to people that ask (all the way down to telling the dr I felt like I was going to sh!t on him while I was pushing). I don't do secrets or personal info well. I didn't keep it a secret from anyone that we were doing infertility stuff several years ago and it's amazing the women that came out of the woodwork to tell me their stories when they heard about mine. They seemed to be consoled by knowing they were not alone. Well, it turns out that what my DH thinks is a big mouth might actually be a little helpful.

    I was out garage-saling this morning and ran into a friend of mine. One of those acquaintances you have as a FB friend, but you've never actually been real close to. Anyway, she only has 1 child and it's because she had a traumatic c/s with her. She said she was following my updates throughout my pregnancy on FB about my VBA2C. She asked me a bunch of questions and said she didn't even know that was an option until my FB posts and linked articles about VBACing. She's now considering having another baby knowing that is an option.

    I told her all about it and also told her that on the next baby I might have a homebirth. She bout flipped at the mere mention of homebirthing. She honestly didn't think you could even do that! How sad is it that there are women that take the norm for the Gospel and never think to question it? I swear, I feel like an outcast sometimes because I refuse to just take things at face value and roll with everyone else in society and just be a good little soldier walking in line behind the rest of the people. I hope she decides to have another baby and not let her horrible birth experience determine how many kids she wants (she's a great mom!). I also hope she will let me support her and inform her (she seemed very receptive to my help while we were talking).

    My deep thought for the morning. I don't care if you have the same opinion on something as me, but damm!t have an opinion of your own for heaven's sake and own it!!! Stop following just because that's what everyone else is doing. This is why I'm always so good at playing devil's advocate. I can argue on just about any side for or against anything, just for the sake of arguing and making people think. DH says I'm just argumentative (which I sort of am) but if it makes at least 1 person think for themselves against the grain I'm okay with argumentative. I told him about talking to my friend this morning and he just shrugged his shoulders and asked if I ever thought maybe I shouldn't get involved sometimes.....uh, no!

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    LOL!! Dh and I have had some the of same conversations. He tells me I'm never on his side when he comes to me with something It's now become a joke between the two of us. I get in my *pretend* enabling, supportive of anything, wife-mode and tell him, "That's WONDERFUL hunny, just fabulous, ANYTHING you want darling" lol. It always makes for a good laugh

    I swear, I feel like an outcast sometimes because I refuse to just take things at face value and roll with everyone else in society and just be a good little soldier walking in line behind the rest of the people.
    This! Exactly! Sometimes I have a way of really pissing my friends and family off, but I can't tell you how many times they have come back later and thanked me for being honest and upfront with them rather than just going with what they say.

    Sometimes I wish so bad that my hbac had turned out. But I'm not stopping there. If we have any more children, I will definitely go for a vba2c or hba2c and I'll be D@MNED if any doctor keeps me from trying. It simply won't happen... it's not an option to just give up unless there is a true, very necessary, medical emergency that requires a c/s.
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    I've never had a c-sectino or a hospital birth, and I don't consider myself argumentative. However, I am not exactly quiet about what I choose and why, should someone choose to ask and listen.

    I am, however, quite opinionated on some things, particularly after doing a bunch of reserach on them (and happy to consider an educated view of a different sort). When DH and I discuss things (because this is not an argument, it's an educated discussion), it frequently ends up with one of us saying to the other... "OK, would you rather be right or happy?" which also ends in laughs.
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    I've had people tell me that because I had a c-section this time at least next time I can choose baby'sbirthdate. They look at me strangly when I tell them my plans for next time are for a natural birth, just like this time, except my bub didn't know how to read the map for the exit.

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