step in the right direction?

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step in the right direction?

I just found this lurking around and would love to see not just hosp. in Portland/mult county (oregon) do this but our entire state. that would be awesome

basically the article says that multnomah county/portland oregon area (17hosp) have placed a ban on elective c-sections/induction prior to 39 weeks unless it is proven to be medically necessary. COOL!

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that is awesome!

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there is a lare hospital admin. company in Utah (IHC) that did the same a few years ago (see I believe this is part of why Utah has such a low c/s rate (another part is that physicans recognize that many people there choose to have large families, they are more likely to do VBACs to avoid the complications of multiple c/s)

Someone recently told me that the hospital here tries to avoid inducing until 41 weeks now--and that hospital has the lowest cesarean rate in WA state

I think trying to avoid early elective induction is a good policy--inducing for no medical reason is dangerous and most women don't understand the risks, if they did, there would be a lot less women asking for it. Having policies to avoid elective induction helps the public understand that it is not good medical practice.

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That is totally awesome!

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This was posted on another board also. I too am happy that they did this, as I just don't find it necessary to have a c-section unless baby absolutely needs it for whatever reason. I don't mind it, however, if it comes down to a father being deployed or only having a small window to return home for baby's delivery if he's in the military... then that's OK to me as I would want my DH to be here. What would upset me the most is when women (or celebs like Christina Aguilera) would demand a c-section for no other reason than they just didn't want to go through a natural vaginal labor for fear of "stretching out" or whatever the case may be... it really pees me off that they could make that kind of a choice.

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wow! that definitely sounds like a step in the right direction!
Brittany, I like the comment you made about physicians taking into consideration the community they are dealing with. that is really important. In Israel it is also common to have large families (14-16 children is a bit extreme, but not uncommon) but that hasn't stopped the hospitals from trying to "catch up" to american c-sect rate (it's pretty sad.)
And I have a friend who has had I think 4 c/s and had a major complication where her previous pregnancy had to be aborted b/c the embryo implanted on her scar, and then there were severe complications due the termination!

It's definitely a breath of fresh air to hear about positive changes in birthing policies!