still waiting for a verdict on my previa

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still waiting for a verdict on my previa

So, I've been away for a bit.
At 18w I was told I had a complete placenta previa. At 28w I had another u/s and it had moved to 0.7cm away from the cervix. Not perfect, but at least progress. I finally got optimistic that it would resolve. Unfortunately, at 32w the doctor (different one) said it was right next to the cervix and the earlier u/s must have been wrong. I go back in a week (35+6) for another u/s and then a meeting with a doctor at my practice (I've only seen the MWs so far) to discuss our options. I'm hoping it has actually moved (or even resolved!). Maybe if it has moved enough they'll let me attempt a vaginal delivery (my kids have all been born vaginally, one was natural as well). If I need to be scheduled for a c/s I plan to ask to have an u/s before the surgery to confirm that it's necessary. And my MW said the doctor is likely willing to give it until 39w to resolve. So, fingers crossed.

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Fingers very crossed!!!

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Fingers crossed for you girl! Keep us posted.

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Fingers and toes and anything else I can cross are crossed in good luck! I hope it changes!!

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Ugh! Sorry you are still being kept up in the air on this. I hope you get better news at your next scan :goodluck: