Study about the awesomeness of vernix!

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Study about the awesomeness of vernix!

Vernix has natural anti-bacterial properties that protect the baby from infection!

Another reason you're not weird if you don't want them to bathe your baby Smile

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Awesome! My son didn't get a bath until his umbilical cord stump fell off, and my daughter is following the same lines. Her stump hasn't fallen off yet, so she hasn't been bathed yet. She was COVERED in vernix when she was born too! Odd since she was 39 weeks 3 days, and we're sure about dates!

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My second was absolutely caked with vernix at 40+3. He was born in the water, so most of the yucky stuff was washed away. So he wasn't bathed or clothed for about 4 days. It all rubbed into his skin pretty quickly. I love the stuff, I'm definitely not surprised it's good for the little guys.

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my son had none, I didn't know how awesome the stuff was, yay for natural anti-bacterial goo Biggrin

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this is another short on the same thing that i saw a few months ago... DD was also COVERED in the stuff and while she was washed late the day she was born they were in no hurry to wash her right away.

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Yep Callie had a TON (OB dates would have put me at 41 weeks 2 days) which made me question her real "due date." Too bad they took her off to the nursery and gave her a bath when I was busy getting ready to be moved into a pp room. Now that I think about it, I don't ever remember being told that they were going to do that, although they probably did because DH was there taking pictures.

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Lily had more than the nurse and m/w expected. We didn't bathe her until the day after she was born. Funny story about it - the hospital pediatrician that saw her the morning after she was born made a comment about her not being bathed and still having all that vernix on her - she told us that we "need to give her a bath, because all of the vernix in her hair and on her is a breeding ground for infection". I just rolled my eyes and laughed a little.