Stupid glucose :(

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Stupid glucose :(

Bleh....even though I avoided having a bagel or anything sweet, I still "failed" my initial glucose screen by just a few points. Exactly what happened with Zoe. So now I have to take a 1/2 day off work and suffer through the miserable fasting and 100mg test.

The promising news is that I spoke to my OB yesterday when they called about scheduling the 3-hour and asked if it was okay to wait 2 weeks since I'm working 13 hour days, then have 4 days out of town, they spring break without child care. She was really laid-back about it and said "sure, I'll just have it scheduled in 2 weeks then." Last time it was the nurse-practitioner who called me and she is a total *****. She would not work around my work schedule at all and made me take it the following day (which is not easy when you need to secure a sub and prepare lesson plans). She also lectured me on eating a bagel. Now I feel somewhat vindicated since I got the same result when eating lower carb and high protein.

I am trying to stay optimistic about my doctor being willing to follow my wishes, especially about the IV. At this point, I am at the hospital that both my insurance companies cover, so we are looking at practically zero charges for the birth. If I switch to Legacy, for example, which apparently will let you go without the IV (if you fight them) and allow water births, then we will have to pay 20% which is a LOT of money. Especially considering that we are doing circumcision, so that's an extra procedure that we will get charged for. Our pediatrician does not have privileges at Legacy either.

So long story short, I am really hoping to get my OB on board. I think even shelling out $600-800 for a reduced-rate doula will be less expensive than going through an out of network hospital.

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Yuck, I'm so sorry about the glucose testeing! I didn't do it with my second or third. I'm glad your ob is working with you and that you fell better about getting the birth you desire:)

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Sorry you have to take the 3 hour glucose. I'm glad your OB was flexible about the scheduling of it, though.

In the end, no matter what your doctor says, it is your decision whether you have an IV or not. You can always refuse--you just have to decide if it's worth it or not.

Wow, doula prices really do vary by region. A full-price doula costs less than $600 around here.

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I'm also sorry about your glucose. I declined it and did a post-meal test instead.... so I don't know how awful the 3 hour one is - but I've heard it stinks. I hope you can get your OB on the same page though!