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Stupid Question

Does anyone prepare for ROM?

The reason I ask is that I'm afraid that I've jinxed myself because I'm completely not worried about it this time. With Jesse, I had garbage bags over the mattress, I had a garbage bag and blanket over my seat in my car. I'm pretty sure I carried pads around in my purse. In the end, my water didn't break until I was pushing Jesse out.

But now, when I leave the house, or when I go to bed at night, I think, "what if?" What if my water breaks in the middle of the night and I ruin my mattress. What if it happen while I'm out in a store or something? What would I do? :eek:

So, does anyone prepare for this? What would you do if you had SROM out in public?

Maybe I should put the plastic sheet over my mattress....

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LOL!! This is me! We JUST bought a new mattress and I'm afraid I'll ruin it with SROM in the middle of the night. But I have yet to 'do' anything about it. I'm already not sleeping, I figure it can only get worse with a garbage bag on the mattress. I wear a pad everywhere I go already, simply because I'm so goopy... I've been hoping this would be enough to absorb MOST of the fluid if they ruptured in public or something. But yeah, I'm not prepared. Smile

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i only ever had the garbage bag/towel combo in the car when riding to the hospital and birth center with both births. I showed up to the birth center this time with an overnight pad on. when I took it off in the bathroom (they made me pee to check my urine when I got to the birth center) I said something to the midwife about having it just in case my water broke...she laughed and said "yeah, that won't hold a uterus full of fluid" So if you were leaking a pad might come in handy, but if your water full out broke, it wouldn't help much apparently. I never did prepare for it other than when on the way to give birth though...good thing I wasn't that lady in the store..."clean up on aisle five!"

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I used up about a half dozen bath towels in my bed. (We had an out of country visitor at the time too naturally...young and male) DH was very helpful...and our landlord's wife was a dream. All our laundry was washed and folded when I returned from hospital. I was grateful it didn't happen when we were at the library a few hours earlier.
I heard of one woman whose water broke at the hairdresser's. She was mortified, but everyone laughed in sympathy and was excited for her.
It happens!

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I bought a water proof pad for my mattress. Thank goodness I did! That $12 thing saved my $800 mattress! I wouldn't necessarily prepare for it happening in public. If it happened like it did last time, one little pad in my purse won't last long Wink and I'm not carrying around a case of pads.

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I didn't do anything for this last one, but for DS I did what you did before Smile Of course mine didn't break at all - MW did when I was 7 cm.

This time the only thing I thought about preparing for was to put the waterproof mattress pad for the crib (b/c I'm cheap and didn't want to spend $$$ on one to fit our bed!) under me so I didn't ruin my fantastic mattress, but I never did it.

I never cared about if it broke in public. I figured if it did, it would be the start of my labor and hopefully I'd have time to ask where ever I was for some towels, etc. to help clean it up!

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I never did anything. I couldn't think of anything that would keep me up all night with noise plus our mattress was government issue so I wasn't all that worried to be honest. With DD she was a planned c-sec a week early and it never crossed my mind. This time I might get a waterproof thing on the bed, right now it just has one of those mattress protectors.

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I put a $10 waterproof matress pad on the bed this time around only because we bought a brand new matress that was super $$$$. I didn't even know they cost as much as they do so that $10 pad was a must. Other than that no prep. work.

My water broke at home with DS1 when I was trying to lay on the carpet. We rented at the time and all I could think about was ruining the carpet and having to replace it. I seriously sprinted my big baby belly to the tiled bathroom. There was so much liquid! If it had been in public I would just have to laugh about it cause it would be everywhere. I'm sure everyone would have been understanding to someone standing there majorly preg. and in a

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I didn't do anything to prepare for in public. If my water broke in public - so be it! But I did pick up 2 $7 waterproof matress protectors. One for the queen bed DH and I sleep in and one for the double bed in the room I planned to labour/birth in. Turned out I didn't need either of them... but I still for $7 it was worth my peace of mind.

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I didn't do anything with DD and now I'm wondering if I should plan to do something this time. We're not sure when my water broke in that labor. :shrug: But man... to have that happen in public... you ladies are inspiration on a positive mindset! Smile

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I guess I've never found amniotic fluid particularly offensive and I'm not worried about where it breaks. I don't think it would ruin a mattress or a carpet or anything? It can be cleaned. When my water broke, it didn't even have a smell... I figure my children have and will do far more gross things to my furniture. (i.e. potty training messes, wiping snotty noses on the arms of my chairs... that kind of stuff)

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"rmacburn" wrote:

I guess I've never found amniotic fluid particularly offensive and I'm not worried about where it breaks. I don't think it would ruin a mattress or a carpet or anything? It can be cleaned. When my water broke, it didn't even have a smell... I figure my children have and will do far more gross things to my furniture. (i.e. potty training messes, wiping snotty noses on the arms of my chairs... that kind of stuff)

Although my fluid was clear and pretty odorless, there was a lot and it most certainly would've turned my mattress foul because you really can't get it out. On another note, my little $12 pad has continued to come in handy. My breasts leaked something fierce for the first 4 months (still do on occasion) and DD has spit up/thrown up in our bed more times than I can count. We're actually going out this weekend to get one that fits our mattress better. As for our couch .... I've just given up on that. We'll have nice furniture again when DD is off to college ;).

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Well, I had SROM both times before labour started.

The first time was in the middle of the night on our expensive mattress. It washed out just fine. No odours or stains. And believe me when I say it BURST when it ruptured. I felt a POP and it literally burst forth everywhere. So, honestly, no biggie. I also leaked on the carpet as I made my way to the tub to get the rest out. There was a lot, lol. I stood in the shower for awhile. haha.

The second time, I was standing in my DD's room. Carpeted room. Came out just fine. Again, it burst like the floods of well, a big bursty flood. ha. No smells or stains.

If I were to do it again, I wouldn't bother preparing. It's not that big of a deal. It's kinda fun actually. Smile

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Yeah, we put a plastic sheet over the mattress in case it breaks at night.
With DS2 it was intact when we were going to the hosp and I put a plastic garbage bag with a towel over it in the car and sat on that.
I haven't had it break in public, but a friend of mind had it break at the grocery store and she said it really wasn't a big deal. it was obvious to everyone what was going on and everyone was super helpful.

I had SROM with DS1 but it was a high, slow leak and took me an hour or two to believe it had actually broken.

ETA: you know... maybe I should take the waterproof sheet off the mattress so if my water breaks in bed I'll finally be able to convince DH to replace our old, cheap mattress with a good one...

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My water didn't break until I was well into transition, so it was never an issue. I did keep a big black trashbag and towel in the car though. If it broke in public, the last thing I'd want to do was sit in my car in wet pants without protecting the seat.

I still remember my mom's water breaking when she was having my brother. My mom is a nurse and we were actually in the hospital picking up her last paycheck. It broke as we were walking down the hospital hallway, kind of a convenient location... Smile

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Mine broke with a giant gush with two of my three births (SROM). Both times I was in bed, and woke up hearing a "Pop" (like, from inside of my belly). When I jumped up and ran towards the bathroom, that is when the floodwaters opened Smile Our bathroom floor is tile. It was no big deal, totally clear and odorless. I wouldn't bother preparing.

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Hey Jordan, just curious, how did you clean your mattress? I'd like to give mine a once over but I can't imagine how I'd do it. The pad caught all my amniotic fluid but some BM has made it's way into the pillow top and is somewhat odoriferous. I've used enzymatic cleaner, like the kind you might use for pet stains, and scrubbed it into the fabric and let it dry for a few hours. That seemed to sort of work.

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"rmacburn" wrote:

I guess I've never found amniotic fluid particularly offensive and I'm not worried about where it breaks. I don't think it would ruin a mattress or a carpet or anything? It can be cleaned. When my water broke, it didn't even have a smell... I figure my children have and will do far more gross things to my furniture. (i.e. potty training messes, wiping snotty noses on the arms of my chairs... that kind of stuff)

This is my thoughts exactly. My water has broken in bed with 2 of my 3 that I went into labor with. The first one was kind of comical actually. We were staying with my in-laws and about a half hour after we laid down to sleep I felt a huge gush. It was so much it soaked the mattress and flew off the foot of the bed and soaked the carpet too. Then after I got up it burst again and left a puddle on the floor to the side of the bed. I went in to the bathroom and showered and then went back to the bedroom to wake up my hubby (it is really ridiculous how quickly and soundly they can fall asleep!). Anyway, he startled awake and rolled right into the fluid and then jumped up disgusted and stepped in it too, lol! He has issues with all bodily fluids and was NOT happy! My in-laws had no problem getting it all cleaned up though and it didn't leave a smell or a stain even though it was a ton of fluid. Except for that initial gush while lying down in bed though my fluid didn't leak unless I was standing and then it would gush. I rode all the way to the hospital with nothing happening (I did sit on a couple of towel just in case) until I stood up out of the car and it gushed again. Not sure if that is the same for everyone but that is how it was for both of mine. Still, I guess if you are really worried about it happening out in public or something you could always buy some Depends...not sure how I would feel about wearing a diaper though. I think I would rather just stand in a puddle Smile

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I can't remember if we had a plastic protector on our bed before I went into labor, or if we added it after labor started. But we have this cheapo mattress protector on my DD's bed that we got from Walmart that isn't plastic-y, and doesn't make noise, and does a great job of protecting the mattress from liquid! It was the cheapest option of mattress protector they have, and I am really happy with it. I am going to get one (if they make them king size) for our bed soon. We have a really nice natural latex mattress that was pretty pricey, and I'd like to protect it from any liquid, even water, if possible. I seem to remember we also had a cheapo flannel backed tablecloth in use during labor, to protect the bed.

My water broke at home, while I was sitting in my desk chair, and I sprinted to get off the carpet onto the tile, and don't think there was much of a mess to clean up on the carpet. If I were in public, I'd probably turn red, laugh and then head on home, and have a funny story to tell. I'm not going to do anything to try to contain my waters if they break in public, though I am wearing panty liners a lot of the time now. But a panty liner won't do anything of course, lol.

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Both of my labors started with my water breaking... With DD1, it happened while I was on the toilet, so no prep/cleanup needed ;). With DD2, I was sleeping on the couch - it went all over the couch, pillows, afghan, area rug, trail to the bathroom :roll: - but it was clear and came out of everything just fine. Also, I did wear a depends to the hospital - it absorbed a few gushes with no problems and felt much more comfortable than a pad.